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.hack//G.U. Last Recode Comes to North America & Europe This Year for PS4 & PC

It’s a remastered collection of the three .hack//G.U. action-RPGs.


Sony Agrees to Offer Free Game or PS+ Subscription as Part of PSN Breach Settlement (Update)

This could take some time before materializing though.


.hack//Versus Review, .hack//The Movie Review (PS3 import)

A movie and a game on one blur-ray. One disc, one review.


CyberConnect 2 Confirms New .hack Title in the Works, Coming to Both Consoles and Handhelds

PS2 and PSP… Let’s hope not!

Vita Psp Piracy

Vita Found Running Pirated PSP ISOs

Is the Vita’s security slowly coming undone at the seams?


Another .hack Game to be Revealed Next Month

.hack isn’t known too well in the West, but it has aRead the full article…


CyberConnect2 Opens Teaser Site, Possibly for New .hack Project

CyberConnnect2, the developer behind the Naruto video game series and the upcomingRead the full article…