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Video Game Maps All From Epic Titles, All in One Place

GTA 5, Half-Life 2 City Maps Revealed in ‘Virtual Cities’

Caught and imprisoned in City 17? You’ll have a map now.

Let the Half-Life 3 and Portal 3 Theories Commence, Valve is Going to Start Shipping Games Again

A simple comment is sure to ignite a flurry of theories about the future.

Portal Movie Announcement

Another Portal/Half-Life Writer Has Left Valve

It’s Chet Faliszek this time.

Portal Movie Announcement

Portal, Half-Life Writer Erik Wolpaw Has Left Valve

He’ll continue his work on Psychonauts 2.

Portal Movie Announcement

J.J. Abrams Says Portal Movie Announcement Coming “Fairly Soon”

This does not mean Half-Life 3.

Half-Life, Portal Movies in Development According to J.J. Abrams

It could still happen!

Half-Life Writer Marc Laidlaw Leaves Valve

He wants to work on self-directed writing projects.