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10 Xbox One Games We Wish Were on PS4

Yes. The Xbox One does have games.

Marty O Donnell

Destiny/Halo Composer Says He Was Hoping to Mend Relationship With Bungie

He was surprised by his termination.

Marty O Donnell

Destiny Composer Marty O’Donnell Wins Legal Battle Against Bungie, Retains Stock

He gets paid as well.

Xbox gamescom

Daily Reaction: Microsoft’s gamescom 2015 Press Conference Impressions

A solid show.

BG Halo Killer

Bad Gamers: Ep 127 – What Happened to the Halo Killer?

A match made in history.


Exclusive Envy – The Halo Franchise

Here’s why we want Halo on PlayStation platforms.


The Origins of Video Game Terminology

A look at the history behind some of gaming’s latest and greatest jargon


Bungie: Moving on From the Halo Franchise Was “Liberating”

Bungie wanted to do something different.

Marty O Donnell

Bungie Ordered to Return Halo Composer Marty O’Donnell’s Shares

Bungie has to respect the deal.

marty o'donnell

Ex-Bungie Audio Director & Halo Composer Thinks Industry Creatives Should Benefit More from Their Work

You’re always pleasing someone else.

marty o'donnell

Halo Composer Fired Without a Reason, Wins $95,000 Lawsuit Against Bungie

One does not simply retain vacation pay.

Destiny Fight

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Not Mad at Bungie for Siding With Sony on Destiny

Phil Spencer just wants Bungie to make a great game.


Destiny Developer Bungie Reveals It Was Already Working With Sony Before the PS4 Design Was Even Finalized

Bungie also had a hand in developing the DualShock 4!

PS3 Lifeline

Daily Reaction: When Will Sony Pull the Plug on the PS3?

Cerny, get the pillow.


Daily Reaction: So, Microsoft Is “Going to Kill Sony at E3”…

With laughter.

RedRing Fixed

Daily Reaction: Microsoft Gears Up for Xbox 720 Reveal, What Should You Expect?

Fun fact: The bible never mentions halos.


Daily Reaction: Sony’s Hunt For The Halo Killer

Make love not Halo Wars.