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Mafia III Update Today Adds New Custom License Plates, Is 1.3GB on PS4

First piece of story DLC is nearly complete.


Diablo 3 & Mafia III PS4 Pro Support Detailed in Analysis

Mafia III’s PS4 Pro support apparently arrived last month, despite no formal announcement.


Latest Mafia III Update Brought Car Customization and Races, More Outfits

More customization planned for 2017.


Mafia III Update 1.04 Is 2.3GB, Includes Performance Improvements & New Outfits

See the new outfits in action.

Mafia III 555x328 06

Free Mafia III DLC Golden Gun Available Now

“Judge, Jury, and Executioner.”


Mafia III Shipped 4.5 Million Copies in Its First Week, Is 2K’s Fastest-Selling Game

Take-Two talks Lincoln.

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Mafia III Update 1.03 Today on PS4 Improves Stability

More updates are on the way.

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Mafia III Fixes in the Works, Says Hangar 13

PC has already received a patch, rest to follow.

Everything Wrong With Mafia III Featured

Everything Wrong With Mafia III

Weather’s really like that in real life?


Northern Ireland’s Politicians Want Mafia III Pulled From Shelves Over “Sick” IRA Mission

“Sick glamorization of terrorism,” they say.

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Mafia III Glitch Montage Uncovers New Bordeaux’s Bug Problem

Map size comparable to Red Dead Redemption.

Mafia III Review – Born to Be Wild (PS4)

Come on down to the bayou!

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Mafia III Interview With Hangar 13 – Continuing the Story

Studio boss Haden Blackman Q&A!


Mafia III Update 1.02 Is 2.6GB, Launch Trailer Features an Original Song From Ice Cube

PS4 Pro Support confirmed, digital version is over 40GB.


Latest Mafia III Trailer Shows Us the World of New Bordeaux and Its Characters

Prepare to meet The Mob.

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Mafia III – Everything You Need to Know

Before you step into New Bordeaux, here is what you need to know.


Mafia III Review Copies Aren’t Being Sent Out Ahead of Release

Review copies will be available when the digital version launches.

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New Mafia III Trailer Showcases Combat Variety

Watch how Lincoln Clay takes down Sal Marcano.


17-Minute Mafia III Gameplay Demo Video Shows Lincoln Taking Out An Underboss

Pre-order Mafia III at GameStop to receive a poster.

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Check Out the Weapons You’ll Use to Wreak Havoc in Mafia III

Lincoln has years of military training.