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After 21 Months, New Rock Band 3 DLC Songs Hit PS3 & Xbox 360 Tomorrow, January 13

Avenge the Arctic Fighters.


Amplitude Gameplay Video Gives First Look at the Upcoming PS4 and PS3 Rhythm Game

Shooting to the beat.


Rock Band 4 Could Still Happen, Will Hopefully Use Last-Gen Instruments

Who doesn’t love Rock Band?


Harmonix Gives Off-Screen First Look at Amplitude Gameplay

The PS4 and PS3 game is progressing well.


Harmonix Rolls Out Survey to Ask Fans About the Future of “Rock Band”

Ready to rock out once more? Fill the survey up!


The Catch-Up: May 29th, 2014 – Harmonix Lays Off 37 Staff

Jack Tretton will be at E3 2014 with Spike; Mortal Kombat X announcement teased for June 2nd.


Harmonix CEO Says Rock Band “Will Be Back”

Doesn’t entirely blame Activision.


Harmonix’s Amplitude “Successor” for PS4 and PS3 Goes to Kickstarter for Funding

Based on early success, this will get funded.


Rock Band 4 Won’t be Jamming Out this Year

In another sign that the music game genre just isn’t what it used to be, Harmonix has stated that they will not be releasing a Rock Band 4 this year.

Harmonix Responds to Guitar Hero Receiving the Axe

The gaming world was shaken (though perhaps not too unexpectedly) by theRead the full article…

This Beatles: Rock Band Bundle Deal Will Make You Twist and Shout

Every so often you come across a gaming deal that just makesRead the full article…

Rock Band Devs Are No Longer Subject to “The Man”

After fours years of working with one publisher for their music video games, developer Harmonix is singing the lyrics of a different tune. So what will happen to all their games out now?


Rock Band 3 – Trophy Guide

Rock Band 3 is the latest installment into the Rock Band franchise. Read the full article…

John Lennon’s Imagine Album Coming to Rock Band 3

John Lennon’s entire Imagine album for Harmonix’s Rock Band 3 has been given a release date for the PlayStation Store.

Rock Band Devs Losing their Gig

Harmonix, the developers behind most of the music video games of the last decade, will be losing their main owner some time soon after a financial announcement yesterday.

Bon Jovi DLC Announced For Rock Band 3

Electronic Arts and Harmonix have announced that Bon Jovi DLC will beRead the full article…

Rock Band 3 Pro Mode May Require a Small Loan

Rock Band 3 aims to not only be the premier music game when it arrives later this month, but to revolutionize the music game genre as we know it. With the introduction of “Pro” mode for each of the instruments in the game, players will need to buy new peripherals. How much? Well…

Rock Band 3 Keyboard Bundle Not Available in US

Harmonix’s Rock Band has been one of the strongest contenders for theRead the full article…

MTV Games and Harmonix Discount Rock Band Tracks

MTV Games and Harmonix are eager to bring new gamers into theRead the full article…

Rock Band 3 Track List Officially Unveiled

There is no doubt that Harmonix and MTV Games helped revolutionize theRead the full article…