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David Cage: The Dark Sorcerer on PS4 was “The Minimum Quality You Can Get on the Console”, Beyond “Pretty Much” Pushes PS3 100%

Beyond: Two Souls looks “so much better” than Heavy Rain, “it’s scary.”


The Catch-Up: October 10th, 2013 – Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Trailer & Sign-Up Info, FIFA 14 Gets a New Patch

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition confirmed, coming this month.


Quantic Dream’s PS4 Game is Different From Beyond & Heavy Rain, “Expect to be Surprised Again”

The Dark Sorcerer used Beyond: Two Souls tech ported to PS4.


David Cage: Heavy Rain/Fahrenheit’s Child Kidnapping was Too Hot and Heavy for Microsoft

David can’t be caged.


Heavy Rain Passes 3 Million Copies Sold, 3% of People got the Platinum Trophy

Inside it’s raining, it never lets up.


Heavy Rain Trophies – Trophy List

Platinum Trophy: Heavy Rain Master – Unlock all other trophies. Gold Trophies:Read the full article…

David Cage

David Cage: Quantic Dream’s Games “Cannot be Collaborative Works”

Cage happy to take charge; “you need the captain to chart the direction.”


Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut Arrives Next Week

Did you miss the fantastic choice-based Heavy Rain last year? If so,Read the full article…


Second Hand Gaming Stole Heavy Rain’s Thunder

The war between developers and the pre-owned market has been a fierceRead the full article…


Is Quantic Dream Due for an Acquisition from Sony?

French game developing company Quantic Dream has built a short but powerfulRead the full article…


And The BAFTA Award Goes To…

Britain’s biggest gaming awards show, the BAFTA Game Awards has now seenRead the full article…


David Cage Working on Two Projects, Wants to Create “Emotional War Game”

Heavy Rain pushed the envelope of emotional gaming and the medium asRead the full article…


God of War III, Heavy Rain and More Added to ‘Greatest Hits’

The PS3’s Greatest Hits line-up is a robust offering of the console’sRead the full article…

God of War III: Best Selling PS3 Exclusive of 2010

2010 was a brilliant year for gaming, in particular for PlayStation 3Read the full article…


Heavy Rain Paved the Way to Mature Gaming

David Cage thinks his successful game, Heavy Rain, has opened the path ways for more of its kind to have a place in the industry.

Heavy Rain Move Patch Now Available

Those of you who just picked up the PlayStation Move this pastRead the full article…

Heavy Rain Move Edition Launch Date Revealed; Demo Announced

Sony’s launch line up for PlayStation Move is far from impressive, withRead the full article…

PS3 Was Proper Forecast for Heavy Rain

David Cage, famed founder of Quantic Dream, believes that choosing the PS3Read the full article…

Heavy Rain Move Edition Includes Extra Content

In a bid to promote their newfangled Move controller, Sony are re-releasingRead the full article…