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Hellblade: Sensua’s Sacrifice Officially Delayed to 2017

More time in the oven is never a bad thing, no?

Latest Dev Diary for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Details Audio

Goes in-depth on auditory hallucinations.

Latest Hellblade Dev Diary Introduces the Game’s Real-Time Cinematography Process

Technology used is the winner of the Siggraph 2016 award.

Ninja Theory’s Latest Hellblade Dev Diary Focuses on Combat

Episode #23 takes you behind-the-scenes of NT’s Celtic actioner.

Hellblade Dev Diary Touts Ninja Theory’s Reworked Combat System

Star Wars stunt actress helped fine-tune gameplay systems.

Ninja Theory’s Celtic Actioner Hellblade Gets New Title, Stunning Cinematic Trailer

Introducing Senua’s Sacrifice.

Latest Hellblade Dev Diary Talks About Using Motion Capture for Senua’s Movement

How they’re making a convincing character.

Hellblade PS4 and PC Versions Launching Simultaneously

Ninja Theory confirms it’s on track to launch this year.

Latest Hellblade Dev Diary Details the Process of Capturing the Protagonist’s Face

The creation of Senua.

New Hellblade Dev Diary Video Explains How Ninja Theory Researched Psychosis

Contains bits of the game world, too.

Hellblade Videos Show Cinematic Intro and Gameplay Clips

Ninja Theory officially posted the gameplay.

Ninja Theory: “We’ve Been Lucky That We’ve Been Able to Survive”

Heavenly Sword and Enslaved didn’t sell particularly well.

First Hellblade Gameplay Trailer Follows Senua’s Journey Into Hell

Ninja Theory talks about tackling mental illness in Hellblade.

Hellblade Gameplay Reveal Happening on June 10

Development Diary 11 for this PS4 and PC title is all about the first playable.

Hellblade Dev Diary Video Shows How Human Motion and Facial Features are Put into Hellblade

There are so many different devices!

Hellblade to Feature Only One Usable Weapon, Won’t Have QTEs

Will hopefully have a photomode!

Hellblade Dev Diary Shows Off Early Gameplay and Artwork

Enemy artwork looks awesome!

Ninja Theory: “A Lot of Games Have Unrealistic Forecasts”

What do you think?

Hellblade Only Needs to Sell 300,000 Copies for Ninja Theory to Break-Even

Such a low number.

Ninja Theory: Hellblade Has Nothing to Do With Heavenly Sword

They didn’t use a thesaurus for the name either.