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Paladins Cross-platform play not for ps4

Paladins Won’t Have Cross-Platform Play on PS4, Sony Criticized


paladins cards unbound

Paladins’ Controversial ‘Cards Unbound’ System Being Removed

Players had pay-to-win concerns.

Hand of the Gods trophies

Hand of the Gods Trophies Include a Platinum, View Full List

Will you master SMITE Tactics?

new smite adventure

The First SMITE Adventure of 2018 is Anime Inspired

Fight off anime enemies!

Paladins Lore Cinematic

Latest Paladins Lore Cinematic Video Shows A Realm Divided

Released during HRX 2018.

Paladins Battlegrounds gameplay

Watch Over 40 Minutes of Paladins: Battlegrounds Gameplay

Two complete matches!

Paladins Cinematic Trailer

New Paladins Cinematic Trailer Wants You to Go to War

The team-based shooter is poised for a big 2018.

Paladins Battle Cats

The Paladins Battle Cat Mounts Look Awesome

They’re exclusive to Twitch Prime.

Paladins Team Deathmatch

Paladins Team Deathmatch Mode Being Added in Next Update

It’s also getting a new map for the mode.

Paladins Moji

Paladins’ Latest Champion is Moji, Who Rides a Two-Headed Dragon

She’s the first new Champion of 2018.

Paladins Battlegrounds gameplay

Paladins: Battlegrounds Features 100 Player Battle Royale Action

It’s a team-based experience.

SMITE Slavic and Voodoo Pantheons

SMITE Getting Slavic and Voodoo Pantheons in 2018

Plenty of new Gods are coming.

SMITE Hades Ragnarok

Give the SMITE Hades Ragnarok Trailer a Watch

There’s an in-game reason for the map changes.

SMITE Cerberus

SMITE’s Newest Character is the Legendary Cerberus

The guardian of the underworld!

SMITE Season 5

SMITE Season 5 Brings Upgraded Art and Gameplay Changes to Conquest

It’s fully symmetrical.

smite update

SMITE Update 4.24 is Live, Check Out the New Ultimate Skin

The skin is really neat!

Paladins update 1.41 patch notes

Read the Paladins Update 1.41 Patch Notes

Learn more about the new champion!

SMITE RPG Adventure

SMITE and RPG Combine in New Adventure, Shadows​​ over ​​Hercopolis

This adventure is available right now!

hi rez studios trademarks

Hi-Rez Studios Files Trademarks for Smite Blitz and Tribes Royale

I wonder what kind of games these will be?

Hand of the Gods Closed Beta

Hand of the Gods Enters Closed Beta for PS+ and XBLG Members

Ready for a new card game?