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disc jam update

Disc Jam Update Adds Ranked League, Seasons, and a New Character

Check out Lannie!

disc jam update

Disc Jam Update Adds Kahuna, the Game’s Strongest Character

He’s also the slowest character.

Disc Jam PS4/PC Cross-Play Approved, Coming Very Soon

Update is in QA testing phase.

Disc Jam Update 1.08 Includes Stat Tracking, Skill-Based Matchmaking

All stats have been reset.

March 2017 PS+ Title Disc Jam Is Out on PS4, Doesn’t Include a Platinum Trophy

High Horse has lots of post-launch support planned.

Action Sports Game Disc Jam Enters Beta on PS4, Sign-Ups Live

You can use any combination of 1 to 4 players online or local.

Disc Jam preview

PSX 2016 – Disc Jam Preview – Jammin’ 2.0 (PS4)

2017 is the year of the disc.