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Square Enix Ultimate Action and Ultimate Stealth Triple Packs Coming to the US

$30 each.

August 2013 PlayStation Plus Free Games in US/CA Include Hitman: Absolution, Runner2

Am I excited to play Hitman? Absolutely!

Square Enix Briefing Suggests Re-Thinking Long-Term, Large-Scale Development

Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, and Hitman: Absolution recovered development costs.

Canadian Video Game Deals & Sales: May 24th – May 30th, 2013 – ACIII for $20

Game Days continues.

Next Week on the EU PSN: May 1st, 2013 – Absolute Tycoon

We have the solution.

May 2013 European PlayStation Plus Free Games Include Hitman: Absolution, Velocity Ultra

This is a malicious sine.

Hitman: Absolution Free on EU PS+ in May, Declassified Sale Starts Today

We’ve got the solution.

Square Enix President Steps Down, Tomb Raider has “Weak Sales” of 3.4 Million This Fiscal Year

There aren’t many companies who would call 3.4 million in under a month “weak.”

Future Shop’s Boxing Day Flyer Has 50% off PlayStation All-Stars on PS3, Warfighter is $20

PlayStation 3D Display is $100.

Deal 11 of the EU PSN 12 Deals of Christmas: Hitman: Absolution

It’s under £20, but by the smallest of margins.

Square Enix Online Store Running a 50% off Holiday Sale, Includes Games From PS1 to the PS Vita

I dare you to read the games on sale and not get nostalgic.

EU PSN Top Sellers For November 2012, PlayStation All-Stars Doesn’t Chart

Grand Theft Auto IV beats out Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Square Removes Hitman Facebook App Where You Insulted and Killed Your Friends

Did no one have enough instinct to tell them this would go wrong?

Daily Random: Do You Love Me? Hitman Goes Beep

A poem from the heart.

Hitman: Absolution No Longer Requires an Online Pass to Access Contracts Mode


Hitman: Absolution Review (PS3)

Dual Siverballers…check. Fiber wire….check. Badass suit….check. Yep, it’s a Hitman game.

Conan Reviews Hitman: Absolution

Hilarity ensues.

Daily Reaction: Hitman, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed 3 – Are Pre-Order Bonuses Mishandled?

Pre-order now to get exclusive articles!

Hitman: Absolution’s Full Voice Cast Revealed

Agent 47 will be talking to some very famous people.

IO Interactive Talks Storytelling in Hitman: Absolution via New Trailer

Agent 47 like you’ve never seen him before.