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Homefront: The Revolution Update Today Adds PS4 Pro & DLC Support

The free Trial lets you play for 2-4 hours.


Homefront: The Revolution is Getting the PS4 Pro Treatment, Trial Version Announced

HDR enhancements coming as well.


Homefront: The Revolution Was Less of a Success Than Deep Silver Had Hoped

“Quality is absolutely king and some big IPs have struggling figures at the moment.”


First Homefront: The Revolution Story DLC, The Voice of Freedom, Now Available

It’s $6 if you don’t have the Expansion Pass.


Homefront: The Revolution Performance Patch Now Live, Adds New Resistance Mode Missions

Includes frame-rate improvements as well.

Homefront The Revolution update

Next Homefront: The Revolution Update Promises to Improve Frame Rate

30fps, ahoy!


Homefront: The Revolution Update 1.06 Today Fixes Issues, Adds Resistance Mode Missions

There should be 18 more free missions within the first year.


Homefront: The Revolution Update 1.05 Today on PS4 Fixes Hearts & Minds, Home of the Brave

There’s even fewer checkpoint saves now.


Homefront: The Revolution Update 1.04 Is Live on PS4, Addresses Checkpoint Saves & Crashing

Missing map icons should also be back.


Homefront: The Revolution’s Game-Breaking Bug Getting Fixed Next Week, Patch 1.4 in Final Testing

It needed additional testing time.


Homefront: The Revolution Update Coming Soon to Fix Checkpoint Frequency, Crashing & More

Missing map icons, stalled Hearts & Minds progress also getting addressed.


Homefront: The Revolution Developer Is Working on Updates to Address Frame-Rate Issues

“We are working on additional patches to help address these issues and more.”


Homefront: The Revolution Ranges From 15fps – 30fps on PS4 & Xbox One, According to Analysis

Auto-saving causes frequent drops to 0fps that last a few seconds.

Homefront: The Revolution Review – Stymied Revolt (PS4)

A cool concept like the last game, but little else.


Homefront: The Revolution Update 1.02 Is 3.2GB, Frame-Rate Issues Still Reported By Players

Looks like the day one update doesn’t solve all the performance issues.


Dambuster Wanted to Create an “Open-World Half-Life” With Homefront: The Revolution

“The vision was to do an open world Half-Life. That’s what we set out to do.”

Everything You Need to Know Homefront The Revolution Header

Homefront: The Revolution – Everything You Need to Know

Here’s what to expect from the reboot!


Homefront: The Revolution Day One Update Includes Improvements, PS4 Pre-Loading Starts May 15

Find out when the digital version unlocks.