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Help! I Read Game News While Watching Game of Thrones and Can’t Tell Which is Which

War, boobs, dragons, and I don’t even know what’s real anymore.


I Can Clearly Not Predict the Switch Sales in Front of (Wii) U!

A battle of wits!?


You Guys, I Just Bought a Nintendo Switch (Unboxing Video)

I held out as long as I could.


F*** That, I Ain’t Buying No Switch

No way, no how. I can not follow this website’s master plan.


PSLS Becomes NSLS (Nintendo Switch LifeStyle)

Evolve or die, they say.


Guitar Hero Hero Announced

Amazing! A game about being good at games!


6 Vita Games That Made Me Cry

It feels like I’ve seen them somewhere before though. Or that some aren’t even…real?


Letter of Gratitude, Cease & Desist for Vocal Non-Digital Gamer Who Honestly Does Need to STFU

He’s a great guy who helps local businesses and also needs to put a sock in it.


I Have No Idea How Donald Trump’s Presidency Will Affect Gaming, But Have to Write About It or I’ll Get Fired

I guess I’ll just make some stuff up.


Tragic Personal Loss: I No Longer Want to T-Bag Noobass Mofos

A very profane tale of personal loss.


Nostalgia! Do You Remember All These PlayStation Slogans?

Bet there are some on here that you don’t even recognize! 😉


I Assume Conor McGregor Cured MMA of the EA Curse Probably (Don’t Spoil UFC 196 for Me Yet)

I haven’t seen the fights, but I can definitely probably already tell you the curse is broken.


Final Fantasy XV Rocks (lol)

A wise man once said, “Don’t get cocky. It’s gonna get rocky.”

xcom sandwich

XCOM Designer Tries to Sell Random People XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM’s lead designer has a hilarious unproductive time trying to sell XCOM to casual gamers.