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Indie Games Showcase: Red Phantom Games

Spend a few Minutes with the one-man operation behind Red Phantom Games.

Indie Games Spotlight: Defiant Development

Defiant, rising from the ashes of the economic crisis.

Indie Games Showcase: Supergiant Games

Meet the team behind two of the industry’s indie darlings.

Top 5 Indie Studios to Keep an Eye On

Studios that really know what they’re doing.

Rime: The Story Behind PlayStation 4’s Most Intriguing Indie Exclusive

Part Wind Waker. Part Shadow of the Colossus. All beautiful.

Indie Games Showcase: Nnooo


15 PlayStation Indie Games to Watch in 2015

2015 looks set to be a great year for indie gaming on the PS4 (and Vita(. Here are 15 of the ones that you should be looking forward to the most.

Indie Games Showcase: 17-BIT

Modern classic gaming.

Indie Games Showcase: Psyonix

Take a peek behind the curtain of the Unreal Engine experts.

Indie Games Showcase: Cellar Door Games

Are you prepared to open the Cellar Door?

No Man’s Sky – Infinite. Epic. Game-Changer?

Read. Now.

We Don’t Need The Last Guardian

What Team Ico was doing was special in 2007 – it isn’t anymore. Everything their design philosophy offered is now embodied by indie games.

Indie Games Showcase: DrinkBox Studios

Finish your juice!

Editor’s Letter: Indie Games Showcase is a Go!

Indie coverage at its finest.