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New Injustice 2 Trailer Confirms Catwoman & Cheetah

Plus: See Poison Ivy in action.


Swamp Thing Added to Injustice 2’s Roster

Watch some Blue Beetle and Black Canary, too.


Injustice 2 Trailer Spotlights Black Canary

Loud noises!


Black Canary Confirmed for Injustice 2 in New Gameplay Trailer

Official site updates with bios on Robin, Brainiac, Bane, and Poison Ivy.


Injustice 2 Trailer Reveals Robin Gameplay, Beta Codes Being Sent Out Today

The beta includes Batman, Supergirl, Superman, and Atrocitus.

Injustice 2 preview 2

“Lots” of New Injustice 2 Info Coming Next Week, Prequel Comic Releases in April

Info coming during the Watchtower Twitch stream.


Injustice 2 Beta Sign Ups Now Live

Start date TBA.


Injustice 2 Story Trailer Reveals New Characters, Ultimate Edition Includes 9 DLC Fighters

Darkseid confirmed as the pre-order bonus.


New Injustice 2 Trailer Reveals Harley Quinn & Deadshot as Playable Characters

17-minute gameplay video includes a look at Harley Quinn and others.


Injustice 2 Roster Adds Wonder Woman & Blue Beetle, Watch Them Fight Each Other

Blue Beetle was requested by many of the fans.

Injustice 2 preview 3

E3 2016 – Injustice 2 Hands-On Preview – The Gods Are Still Among Us (PS4)

How does a fighting game with loot work? Brilliantly.


Ed Boon Teases Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 3, Hints at Injustice 2 Guest Characters

Krypto won’t be in Injustice 2.

Injustice 2 02 555x328

Injustice 2 Could Have 10 DLC Characters, NetherRealm Is Thinking About Paid Gear Unlocks

Watch 15 minutes of gameplay.

Injustice 2 01 555x328

Injustice 2 DLC Plans Mention “Tournament Mode,” Guest Characters, and More

DC allows creative freedom.

Injustice 2 02 555x328

E3 2016 – More Injustice 2 Gameplay Revealed

Ed Boon shows up on YouTube Live.

Injustice 2 02 555x328

Injustice 2 Teasers Drop Hints About the Game’s Roster

What do you see?


Injustice 2 Gameplay Unveiled, Shows Off New Heroes Fighting

Supergirl, Aquaman, Gorilla Grodd and more!


Injustice 2 Gameplay Reveal Happening on Saturday, June 11

The bigger reveal will be at E3 2016.


Injustice 2 Confirmed, Releasing in 2017 for PS4 & Xbox One

You can customize each character with gear earned throughout the game.


Injustice 2 Poster Leaked, Says “Every Battle Defines You”

Ed Boon uninvites GameStop to his party.