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Tackling a Titan – Attack on Titan 2 Hands-On and Interview With Producer Hisashi Koinuma

How they captured the spirit of the animation for the game.

Nate Weiss Interview – Dev Talks Favorite Songbringer World Seeds, Legend of Zelda Influence

The one-man development studio talks creating a procedural game.

A Chat With Laura Bailey – The Most Cast Female Voice Actor in Video Games Last Year

The voice behind Fetch from inFAMOUS Second Son and inFAMOUS First Light, as well as Fiona in Telltale’s Tales From the Borderlands. Over 30 video game projects in 2014!

Interview with Shawn McGrath & Dyad Giveaway!

In this exclusive interview, Shawn McGrath gives PlayStation LifeStyle a unique perspective inRead the full article…

Journey Interview – PSN 2011 Preview

thatgamecompany is back, after a long 2 year wait, with their nextRead the full article…

PSLS Presents – Patrick Seybold, Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media, SCEA

PSLS speaks with SCEA’s Patrick Seybold about the past, present and future of PlayStation…

Namco: Enslaved is “Symbol of Future” for Company

In spite of the short relationship that Ninja Theory has shared withRead the full article…

Why You Can’t Hogtie Your Friends in RDR Multiplayer

RDR, or Red Dead Redemption as it’s known by us common folk,Read the full article…

Santa Monica Studio Is One of a Kind

Santa Monica Studio has been at the forefront of top-quality gaming entertainmentRead the full article…

PSLS Presents – Dr. Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA

Dr. Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA chats with PSLS about the challenges of the UK Game Industry.

Valve Apologizes for The Orange Box

Valve has long been at the butt end of many PS3 owner’sRead the full article…

Jack Tretton Talks Heavy Rain and More

Quantic Dream, the guys behind Heavy Rain, sure took a risk whenRead the full article…

The PS3 Is An “Evolutionary Step In Audio Design”

Game technology is constantly evolving. Graphics have gone from simple 2D spritesRead the full article…

Visceral Games Stresses Laid Back Approach

Coming off the release of their highly anticipated game, Dante’s Inferno, VisceralRead the full article…

PSLS Presents – Kevin Jenkins, Jenkins Software, RakNet

With online gameplay becoming an increasingly integral part of console games, the time and effort spent creating the framework and lobby system for a game takes away crucial development time that could be better focused on the actual game. The RakNet networking engine provides this multiplayer framework ready made, thus allowing for developers to spend extra time perfecting their title. To learn more about the engine, as well how the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network compare to their counterparts, PlayStation LifeStyle interviewed Kevin Jenkins, the founder and President of Jenkins Software in an exclusive and in-depth interview.

PSLS Presents – Adrian Workman, CEO of VidZone Digital Media

VidZone, the free online music video streaming service for the PlayStation 3, has taken the European market by storm, becoming one of the most popular music video services on any platform as it rapidly expanded across 18 countries and built up a vast library of music. To learn more about the service, as well as its future, PlayStation LifeStyle interviewed Adrian Workman, the CEO of VidZone Digital Media.

3D A Possibility On VidZone

3D technology is set to play a pivotal role for Sony in 2010, with the full force of the industry giant being brought to bare on pushing the technology. The PlayStation 3 will be one of the company’s most important tools for promoting 3D, with two firmware updates aiming to make the console fully compatible with the added dimension. With that in mind, PlayStation LifeStyle asked Adrian Workman, CEO of VidZone Digital Media, whether their music video service would also get the 3D treatment.

PSLS Presents – Seth Luisi, Director of Development, Zipper Interactive

At MAG256, an event that focused on the MAG’s ability to have 256 players on one map, in one game, at the same time, PlayStationLifeStyle interviewed Seth Luisi, Director of Development, SCEA, currently working on MAG with Zipper Entertainment, about the title, the process behind making the game, and the future plans of MAG.

256, The Perfect Number For An ‘Epic Battle’

Sony and Zipper Interactive are both banking on the success of MAG;Read the full article…

THQ Looking To Create Darksiders Movie, Comics

Darksiders, an apocalyptic Adventure-RPG developed by Vigil Games, was just released. PublisherRead the full article…