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Overwatch Game Director: Three Standard Maps “Looking Likely” to Release This Year

Three non-standard maps are also in development.


Overwatch Director Says a Campaign Would Be “Phenomenal” But a “Game Unto Itself”

It’d require a full development cycle.


24th Overwatch Hero “Is Not Who You Think It Is,” Says Game Director

“We have multiple new heroes being worked on right now.”

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Overwatch Developer “Objects” to the Use of Mouse and Keyboard on Console Versions of the Game

Director Jeff Kaplan speaks out.

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Blizzard Warns Players Against Using Overwatch’s Mei Wall Exploit, Explains the Delay in Fixing It

Blizzard will take “aggressive action” against cheaters.

overwatch mei legendary

Blizzard Apologizes for “Cool Meter” Being “Off” Following Overwatch’s Mei Skin Complaints

She’ll get a new costume next year.


Upcoming Overwatch Patch Will Introduce Changes to the Reporting System

Fans are unhappy with the current system.

overwatch mercy halloween

Overwatch’s Mercy Halloween Skin Getting New Voice Line Following Fan Requests

Coming mid-November.

Overwatch Competitive Play

Overwatch Team Working on New Heroes and Maps

One of the heroes is coming soon.


Blizzard’s Goal With Overwatch Is To “See Something Really Cool Every Month”

Soldier 76 is the most used character, Symmetra is the least used.


Overwatch Replay System & Spectate-Only Feature Still Planned

But it looks like the ability to save highlights is coming first.

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Overwatch’s Torbjorn Getting Nerfed on Consoles

Turret damage to be reduced.


Overwatch Competitive Play Changes Include Season Length, Assault Mode Format and More

Tiers have been removed. It’s more skill-based now.


Overwatch Loot Boxes Range From $2 – $40, Competitive Mode Expected Next Month

The Loot Boxes include cosmetic items.

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Overwatch Beta Doesn’t Include Competitive Play Because Blizzard is Working on Improving the System

Everything else is the same as the launch version.


Blizzard Removes Pose From Overwatch Following Player Complaint

“With this particular decision, it was an easy one to make.”


Blizzard Says It’s More Concerned With Making Overwatch Fun Than Monetization Plans

They’re undecided about micro-transactions.


Multiplayer Shooter Overwatch Isn’t Free-to-Play Because the Business Model Wouldn’t Suit Gameplay

Blizzard didn’t want to limit gameplay.


Blizzard Wanted Overwatch to Be Playable on Consoles “From Day One”

No cross-play, however.