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PS4 Media Player Update Today Brings 4K Video Support to PS4 Pro

And 4K VR video playback support for PSVR owners with a PS4 Pro.

Sony Is Releasing More PlayStation VR Bundles This Month in North America

Sony says “the game lineup looks to be incredibly strong in 2017. “

PS4 Price Drop

PSA: 500GB Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle Is $249.99 USD Until December 31

Only a few days left!

PS4 Holiday Price Drop to $249 USD Starts Sunday, December 11

You’ll have until December 24 to save $50 on the PS4 in the US and Canada.

PS4 Update 4.00 Includes Folders, New Library Sorting Tools, Offline Trophy Viewing & More

Beta starts tomorrow.

GameStop COO: Rumored New Console Launches “Seem Imminent”

PlayStation VR demos coming to GameStop in June.

Sony: Star Wars Battlefront VR Will “Show Gamers What It Means to Be in the World of VR”

VR exclusives are different than console exclusives.

PlayStation VR Pre-Orders for the $399 Core System Go up on March 29

Looks like most Launch Bundles have sold out already.

PS4 Holiday Price of $299.99 in the US Starts December 5, Applies to Uncharted & Star Wars Bundles

You’ll only have a couple weeks to get it at that price.

PS4 Price Drop to $349 USD/$429 CAD Is Now Live in the United States and Canada

Grab some games for cheap.

Sony Renews Powers for Season 2, Will Debut in 2016

Original content will be a “key pillar as we broaden the value proposition for PlayStation Plus.”

PS4 Firmware Update 2.50 Releases Tomorrow, New Features Detailed

There’s a lot more included than just Suspend/Resume.

Sony on PlayStation Plus: “We’ve Been Investigating” Giving the Community More Control Over the IGC

“There is a lot that goes into finding the right mix of titles for each month’s Instant Game Collection.”

Sony Says 31% of PS4 Owners Owned Only a Wii or Xbox 360 in the Previous Generation

And 17% didn’t own anything.

Sony: “We’ve Sold Every PS4 Available in the US” Since Launch on November 15th

That’s it?

Sony: The PS3 Has “A Lot of Life Left in it”; We’re Confident About PS Now Delivering Low Latency

The PS3 lineup for next year looks like it will be good, according to Koller.

SCEA’s John Koller: “No Firm Plans” to do a PS4/PS Vita Bundle

They’d still look at it though.

Sony on PS4: “We’ll Have a Lot More Announcements in the Upcoming Months”

Koller teases more Uncharted 4 details at E3 2014.

Sony on PS3 Games in PlayStation Now: Goal is to Have ” As Much of the Library as We Can”

Will PlayStation Home continue on PS4? “We’ll see.”

Sony: Early PS4 Sales Advantage Over Xbox One is “Really Not” a Big Deal

Ultimate goal is the “largest install base we can possibly get.”