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BioShock Creator’s Next Game Will Be “More Challenging” than BioShock, Feature “Narrative Legos”

This is looking interesting.

Ken Levine BioShock

Ken Levine Explains Why He Walked Away From BioShock

Health and happiness are important.

This Day in PlayStation History: Ken Levine Birthday!

No Gods or kings. Only man.

Big Single-Player Narrative Games Like BioShock Are Starting to Disappear, Says Ken Levine

If gamers are spending $40+, they want more than 10-12 hours of gameplay.

BioShock PS Vita Would Have Been Like “Final Fantasy Tactics” Set in Pre-Fall Rapture

BioShock created like Final Fantasy Tactics AND portable? Sign us up! Oh, wait…

Fox News Rips off BioShock Infinite’s Logo in Its “Defending the Homeland” Segment

It’s a Faux image!

‘No Update’ on BioShock PS Vita by 2K; Take-Two “Thrilled” About Ken Levine’s “New Creative Endeavor”

I have a feeling BioShock Vita isn’t happening anymore…

Ken Levine “Winding Down Irrational Games,” 2K Taking Over BioShock Universe

Ken Levine’s new projects at Take-Two will focus on “narrative-driven games.”

Ken Levine Doesn’t Think There Will be Any More BioShock Infinite DLC, “We Need to Focus on the Future”

Expect to hear Burial at Sea Episode 2’s release date pretty soon.

Ken Levine AMA Talks BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea DLC & Release Date, The Future, PS4/Xbox One, Elizabeth Porn, Weapon Wheel Returning, Much More

Burial at Sea Episode One is entering submission this week!

The Catch-Up: September 25th, 2013 – Listen to the PS4 Start-Up Noise, See Some Newer PS4 UI Shots, Dan Houser Wants to Make Bully 2

Ken Levine teases about the Burial at Sea DLC for BioShock Infinite.

Ken Levine on DLC Release Pressure: “I Could Say, F*ck it, Let’s Cut Half of it so we can Get it out Sooner”

Re-confirms that multiplayer won’t be added to BioShock Infinite.

Ken Levine Announces Three Pieces of BioShock Infinite DLC, Includes Challenge Maps and Story Oriented Content

Entire season pass has been revealed

Ken Levine Teases Possible BioShock Infinite DLC Announcement Happening Tomorrow at 8 AM EST/5 AM PST

The possibilities are infinite.

Ken Levine Talking to Sony and 2K About BioShock Vita, “Trying to Make a Match”

Never gonna happen.

Ken Levine Jokes about ‘New Game’ After Sites Misinterpret Tweets

The Infinite Awesomeness of Ken Levine and His NEW GAME

BioShock Infinite Video Shows the Creation of Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth.

Ken Levine’s Reddit IAmA Answers a lot of Interesting BioShock Questions

He talks about Kickstarter, XCOM, and whether or not he expects to see an Infinite sequel.