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Sony and Kevin Butler Actor Settle Dispute, Lambert Won’t Appear in Video Game Ads for Two Years

It only does embarrassing lawsuits.

KB Wii

Kevin Butler Breaks Our Hearts, Advertises Wii For Bridgestone



Kevin Butler Leads the Resistance, Rolls out ad Campaign

After having taken a short break to be the president of aRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Returns, Features in inFamous 2 Commercial

Although Kevin Butler was unfortunately missing from Sony’s E3 press conference yesterday,Read the full article…

Kevin Butler Makes Long-Awaited Return; E3 Presence in Tow?

PlayStation’s VP of practically everything, Kevin Butler, was last seen tweeting earlyRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Teaches Trash Talking 101 with MLB 11: The Show

Good ‘ol Kevin Butler’s new SHAFT method wants you to up the trash talking ante by making sure your’s is quality work.

Sony Relaunches Marketing Campaign: Only On PlayStation

It Only Does Everything will soon be Only On PlayStation.


Kevin Butler, VP of Killzownage

A first-party PlayStation 3 exclusive release is always worthy of some seriousRead the full article…

Microsoft’s Major Nelson Pokes Fun at Kevin Butler’s Re-Tweet

Just a few days ago, PS3-ad personality Kevin Butler, or at leastRead the full article…


Kevin Butler: VP of Accidental Retweets

Oh that Kevin Butler. He’s done wonders for Sony and the PlayStationRead the full article…

LittleBigPlanet 2 is the Möbius Strip of Gaming

Kevin Butler is back with more gaming than ever. In fact, he has more gaming than you probably can ever accomplish in your entire lifetime.