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Posts Tagged ‘Kevin Butler’

1.5 Million PlayStation Move Controllers Set In European Motion

In just under one month, Sony’s PlayStation Move controller has already madeRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Incites Family Showdown with Vuvuzelas and Golf

What do you get when you mix PlayStation Move, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, a family, and Kevin Butler? An over-dramatic and comical commercial of course.

Kevin Butler: There’s a New Pet in Town

Last week, Sony kicked off the new advertising campaign for PlayStation MoveRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Moves In with PlayStation Move Fans

PlayStation Move is now only weeks away and the Saints vs VikingsRead the full article…

Sony Launches New Move Portal, Hilarity Ensues

To continue the hype surrounding the PlayStation Move launch less than two weeks away, Sony has just launched a new Move website to teach you whatever you need to know. And it wouldn’t be PlayStation if it didn’t have everyone’s favorite Kevin Butler.

Kevin Butler Move-age Incites a Gamer Move-ment

enowned PlayStation 3 marketing icon, known fictitiously as Kevin Butler, took video games’ advertising – and the industry in general – by storm, with his hilarity, spunk, and his presence alone making him beloved by all. With Sony confirming that the new PlayStation mascot will continue to humor viewers throughout 2010, it should come to no surprise that K.B. is back at it again

PlayStation 3 is Now Official Game Console of New Zealand

Remember that New Zealand TV station that found it necessary to goRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Hilariously Responds to New Zealand ‘Montage’ Advert

If your memory is excellent (or you just have an obsession withRead the full article…

New Zealand TV Station Copies Kevin Butler

There’s no denying that Sony’s Kevin Butler campaign has been and continuesRead the full article…

Sony Steals E3 Thunder in Style

Sony went all out during their E3 conference. Not only did exclusivesRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Steals Show, Makes E3 a Little More Epic

Someone showed up at Sony’s E3 press conference, someone… awesome, and that someone was Kevin Butler.

Kevin Butler Tries to “Ware” You Out With his LittleBigPlanet Creation

Kevin Butler, the newly dubbed “VP of Micro-Minigames”, has created a LittleBigPlanetRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Gets Artistic with ModNation Racers

This week, everyone’s favorite PlayStation VP, Kevin Butler, is on a mission,Read the full article…

Sony Gives Gamers the Chance to Attend E3

Let’s face it, if you’re a gamer, then there’s probably no otherRead the full article…

The Actor Behind Kevin Butler: He Only Does Everything

We take a look at the career of the actor behind your favorite PlayStation spokesman, Kevin Butler.

Kevin Butler Gets Inspirational For ModNation Racers

Sony has quite a treat for us all today, as they formallyRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Raking in the Dough for Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s jack of all trades spokesman, Kevin Butler, hasRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Pokes Fun at Early Xbox 360 Ads

Sony‘s funny front man Kevin Butler has certainly solidified himself as theRead the full article…

Kevin Butler Moves Back to the Future

Kevin Butler commercials are a popular thing of late. The VP ofRead the full article…

PS3, It Only Does: God of War III

With all of the buzz that God of War III has generated,Read the full article…