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Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts III Takes Us to San Fransokyo in Its Latest Footage

The hype is real.

Kingdom Hearts III Characters

New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Stars Baymax From Big Hero 6

Baymax is bae.

eminem sampled kingdom hearts

Kingdom Hearts and Eminem are Now Connected Through Sampling

Fortunately it was nice singing from the soundtrack, and not Donald and Goofy noises.

kingdom hearts 3 newcomes

Square-Enix Rep Thinks Kingdom Hearts III Could Be a Good Starting Point

Yes, this was said completely seriously.

best Kingdom Hearts music

The Best Kingdom Hearts Music (Thus Far)

Our dirty dozen of delightful Kingdom Hearts music

square enix gamescom lineup

Square Enix Going to gamescom with Kingdom Hearts III, Dragon Quest XI, and More

Seriously though, tell us more about that board game.

Kingdom Hearts III Will Allegedly Take 40+ Hours to Complete

Clock it to me.

kingdom hearts nendoroid sora

Kingdom Hearts Getting the Nendoroid Treatment with New Sora Figurine

Fighting the forces of darkness has never been more adorable.

square enix anime expo

Square Enix Announces Plans for Anime Expo 2018

More Square Enix than you can shake a stick at.

Kingdom hearts 3 final fantasy characters

Where are all the Final Fantasy Characters in Kingdom Hearts III? Tetsuya Nomura Says ‘Look Forward to Future Information’

Nomura says he doesn’t see the value in that feature anymore.

Kingdom hearts 3 character deaths

Nomura Teases Dark Fates for Kingdom Hearts III Characters, ‘Some Characters Will Probably Never Appear Ever Again’

Which characters do you think won’t make it?

kingdom hearts 3 gummi ship

Kingdom Hearts III Gummi Ship Content Developed by Einhänder Staff

Kingdom Hearts and Einhänder is like peanut butter and chocolate for huge dorks. Ourselves included.

kingdom hearts 3 release

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake Were Announced Early to Avoid Leaks

Tetsuya Nomura has offered an explanation for announcing them “too early.”

best of e3 2018

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Best of E3 2018 Awards

It was another great year for games.

kingdom hearts 3 dlc

Kingdom Hearts III Director Discusses DLC, Mini-Games, and More in New Interview

Likely no season pass.

kingdom hearts 3 preview

E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts III Hands-On Preview – Disney Magic & Final Fantasy Mayhem (PS4)

Sora, Donald, and Goofy return for the final chapter in the “Dark Seeker” saga!

final fantasy 7 remake

Tetsuya Normura says Final Fantasy VII Remake is ‘Actually in Development’

The Final Fantasy 7 drama never ends.

kingdom hearts story

Kingdom Hearts 3 to Include ‘Hours Long’ Story Recap

Something something Keyblade Wars.

E3 2018: New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Features Pirates of the Caribbean

Finally, a new trailer!

kingdom hearts 3 trailer

E3 2018: Meet Elsa in New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Meet Elsa, Hercules, and more.