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Kingdom hearts 3 final fantasy characters

Where are all the Final Fantasy Characters in Kingdom Hearts III? Tetsuya Nomura Says ‘Look Forward to Future Information’

Nomura says he doesn’t see the value in that feature anymore.

Kingdom hearts 3 character deaths

Nomura Teases Dark Fates for Kingdom Hearts III Characters, ‘Some Characters Will Probably Never Appear Ever Again’

Which characters do you think won’t make it?

kingdom hearts 3 gummi ship

Kingdom Hearts III Gummi Ship Content Developed by Einhänder Staff

Kingdom Hearts and Einhänder is like peanut butter and chocolate for huge dorks. Ourselves included.

kingdom hearts 3 release

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake Were Announced Early to Avoid Leaks

Tetsuya Nomura has offered an explanation for announcing them “too early.”

E3 2018: New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Features Pirates of the Caribbean

Finally, a new trailer!

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date

E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts III Releasing January 2019

It’s finally been announced. Now we wait.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour Encore Announced

Did you miss this concert the first round? Here’s a second chance.

Kingdom Hearts 3 E3

Kingdom Hearts III WILL Be at E3!

Guess I owe Chandler $10.

video game movies

Video Games Shouldn’t Be Movies. They Should Be Books

Learn how MGS2’s novel enhances the story.

Report: Multiple Kingdom Hearts III Worlds Leaked, Possible Trailer Featuring Jungle Book Next Month

One leak has a lot more credibility than the other.

kingdom hearts orchestra

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour Returns This Year, Schedule Released

Kicks off in June!

kingdom hearts 3 monsters inc

Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters Inc. World Confirmed in New Trailer, Lots of Gameplay Footage

The door chase scene makes an appearance.

kingdom hearts 3 release

Square Enix Doubles Down on 2018 Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

Square Enix seems to really want it to release this year.

Report: Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Have a Monsters Inc. World, Development Screenshots Leaked

Fight with Mike Wazowski and Sully!

Kingdom Hearts

15 Years Ago Kingdom Hearts Released in North America, Revisit the Series

Which is your favorite?

Kingdom Hearts III Team Still Debating Whether to Include Sephiroth

They’re worried it might be redundant at this point.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Director: “It Is Unlikely We’ll Share Information for a While”

There will be less Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts III than in Kingdom Hearts II.

The Toy Story World in Kingdom Hearts III Is “Completely Original”

All of the worlds in KHIII will probably be revealed ahead of launch.

Tetsuya Nomura Says Kingdom Hearts III Development Delays Were Beyond His Control

It hurts him when people blame him for the delays.