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ni no kuni - feature

Ni no Kuni Screens Show You What Beauty Looks Like

Hot off the news coming forth that Level-5’s highly anticipated RPG NiRead the full article…

ni no kuni - feature

Level-5 RPG Ni no Kuni to Rock the PS3 This November

With the world-renowned development prowess of Level-5 and the much loved artisticRead the full article…


Level 5 Needs Your Localization Vote!

Level 5 International America wants your vote on which of their games you would most like to see localized.

Tiny Battlers Not So Small on Sales Charts, Japan’s Current Best-Selling Games Announced

No one questioned for a second that Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of theRead the full article…

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White Knight Chronicles II Calls Forth Release Dates

After being released back in Japan last July, White Knight Chronicles II has finally been given its official release date for both North America and Europe.

White Knight Chronicles II Trophies Revealed

Expected to be released later this year in North America, here’s aRead the full article…

Sony Details Remastered White Knight Chronicles Package

Level-5 has been a huge contributer for Sony over the years, with majorRead the full article…

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Construct Your Robot with Little Battlers Model Kit

If you purchase Little Battlers for PSP, it will come packaged with a plastic model action figure.

feature-white knight chronicles II

White Knight Chronicles II Box Art and Screens Released

D3 Publisher have released translated screenshots and the Box Art for White Knight Chronicles II.


White Knight Chronicles II Confirmed for US Release

White Knight Chronicles filled the once empty void of RPGs plaguing theRead the full article…

White Knight Chronicles II Has Strength in Numbers

This first White Knight Chronicles hit North America in February of lastRead the full article…

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Catch a Small Glimpse of Little Battlers for PSP

Developer Level-5 have started their Japanese promotion for Little Battlers, which releases for the PSP, with a TV spot.


Dark Cloud Developer Level-5 Opens its Doors in North America

About a year ago there was some rumbling that Japanese developer Level-5 would be opening up shop in Santa Monica, California.

New White Knight Chronicles: Origins Screens Discovered, Not 10,000 Years Old

White Knight Chronicles: Origins was originally announced back in June, since then,Read the full article…

More White Knight Chronicles Officially Announced for the West

Be prepared to return to the land of White Knight Chronicles once again, for in just a few months two new games in the franchise will make it outside of Japan.

feature-wkc2 leonard

Voice Actors Confirm White Knight Chronicles 2 Stateside Release?

According to the resume of Daniel Taylor, who voiced WKC’s hero the first time around, he is in fact doing the voice work for White Knight Chronicles 2.

feature-WKC portable

White Knight Chronicles Dogma Wars Deploys Giant Trailer

Following the announcement yesterday of a release date for White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable: Dogma Wars, Sony has decided to release a second trailer for the game.

feature-WKC portable

White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable: Dogma Wars Hits PSP Soon

White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable: Dogma Wars is set 10,000 years before the events of the WKC: Awakening of Light and Darkness.

Level-5 Has 4 Unannounced Games Up Sleeve

Level-5, developers of the PlayStation favorites White Knight Chronicles and Jeanne d’ArcRead the full article…

Level 5 Goes to War With Cardboard

The Tokyo Game Show is in full force in the land ofRead the full article…