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5 Ways Overwatch Loot Boxes Need to Change to Stay Relevant

It’s hard to look at Overwatch’s loot boxes favorably in today’s gaming industry.

Loot Boxes

French Gambling Regulator Refrains From Labeling Loot Boxes as Gambling

ARJEL wants financial institutions to step in.

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Dutch Gambling Authority Checking Games for Loot Box Changes, Threatens Huge Fines

Some gaming companies using loot boxes might have to do some quick Euro conversion math soon.

Reggie Fils-Aimé nintendo switch

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aimé Says Loot Boxes Get a ‘Bad Rap’

Fils-Aimé’s statement raises an interesting point.

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Michael Pachter Thinks Loot Boxes Exist Because “Consumers Are Stupid”

Consumers like spending money on rare items.

No Battlefield 5 loot boxes

No Loot Boxes in Battlefield V, EA Confirms

Unknown whether the Battlefront II backlash shaped how they are doing content.

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Illegal Loot Boxes Draw Criminal Prosecution Recommendation From Belgian Gaming Comission

Activision Blizzard, Valve, and EA are under fire, though more publishers may soon follow.

Belgium’s Messy and Unclear Loot Box Gambling Regulation is a Slippery Slope for Video Games

Blanket regulations for gambling in casinos aren’t good enough.

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Dutch Authority Rules That Some Loot Boxes Constitute Gambling, Warns Video Game Publishers

Netherlands is now pushing for EU-wide legislation.

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Australia Adds Games with Loot Boxes to its ‘Online Gambling’ Guidances

Talks about games with the ability to resell loot box winnings.

The ESRB’s Labeling of ‘In-Game Purchases’ Does Nothing to Solve the Loot Box Problem

Labeling games with in-game purchases is like alerting players when games are interactive.

overwatch loot boxes

ESRB Announces it Will Add In-Game Purchases Label to Games

Label will appear for any in-game purchase features.

loot box controversy

CD Projekt RED Says a Full Priced Game Should Mean a “Big, Polished Piece of Content”

The Witcher studio responds to the recent loot box controversy.

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Hawaii Introduces Loot Box Bill That Would Add Age Restriction to Purchases

Another bill would require publishers to disclose the odds.

Read the Monster Hunter World update 1.06 Patch Notes

No Loot Boxes or Microtransactions in Monster Hunter: World, According to the Game’s Producer

He says they want to preserver the harmony between players.

Biggest Disappointment of 2017 – Nominees

What was the worst thing to happen in gaming this year?

US Lawmaker Begins Drafting Anti-Loot Box Laws, Aims to Ban Sales of Predatory Games to Those Under 21

He is targeting gambling mechanics in games.

overwatch loot boxes

Danish Gambling Authority Creates Criteria to Determine If a Loot Box Is Gambling

Star Wars Battlefront II does not fall into the category.

Loot Boxes and Microtransactions May Be Bad, But Government Involvement Would Be Worse

We need to solve the loot box problem without government interference.

loot box controversy

UK Gambling Commission Releases Official Statement Explaining Its Stance on Loot Boxes

They explain what constitutes gambling.