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lost sphear demo

Japanese Demo for Lost Sphear is Now Available

If you want to give this RPG a try as soon as possible, here’s your chance.

Lost Sphear Preview — Finding Memories (PS4)

How can memories be real if brains aren’t real?

Lost Sphear PS4

Lost Sphear Gameplay Trailer Welcomes You to the World, Showcases Battles

You can pre-order a physical version from Square Enix.

I Am Setsuna Follow-Up Lost Sphear Releasing in the West on January 23, 2018

Americas and Europe get it on the same day.

Official Website Details Lost Sphear’s World and Characters

Learn who you’ll be dealing with.

I Am Setsuna Developer Announces Lost Sphear for PS4, Switch & PC

Tokyo RPG Factory’s latest will arrive in early 2018.