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Majesco Poised to Leave Video Game Publishing Scene

Company has ambitions to “change the future of medicine.”

A Boy and His Blob Makes Its Way to PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One & PC on January 19

There’s cross-buy on PS4 and PS Vita.

Majesco Now Focusing on Digital Games, New A Boy and His Blob in Development for Consoles

Company is down to just five full-time employees.

Gone Home Currently Not In Development for Consoles

Maybe it will come out in the future?

Publisher Majesco and Indie Label Midnight City in Financial Trouble

Staff laid off.

Costume Quest 2 Review – Plus Bonus Candy Corn Gallery (PS4)

A great way to not get arrested and trick-or-treat as an adult!

Shadow Warrior on PS4 & Xbox One Arrives This September, Costs $39.99

Devolver is excited to put Wang in a box.

The Catch-Up: March 13th, 2014 – Take-Two Trademarks ‘Hangar 13’

Watch the opening cinematic from Final Fantasy X HD; Over 4 million deaths have occurred in Dark Souls 2 already.