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Mark Cerny: PS4 “Will Return to the Freedom and Broad Content That Made PlayStation Unforgettable” in Many Ways

He explains Sony’s definition of what an indie title truly is.


Mark Cerny Asks Daily Reaction: ‘What do You Want to See on the PS4?’

Where do we start?


Mark Cerny on the PS4, DualShock 4, PS Camera, Vita, Game Budgets, Triangles and So Much More

We talk to the creator of the PS4 in an exclusive one-on-one interview.


Mark Cerny: For the PS4’s First Year, “The Focus is on Core Gamers”

Cerny has a knack for talking about the PS4.


Mark Cerny on the PS4 Hardware: “There’s More in it Than What You Find in a PC”

What’s in the system?


Mark Cerny Talks Knack Conception on PlayStation 4, Giant DualShock Controller, More

Things are looking Bright-on.