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Hideo Kojima’s Sony Road Trip Takes Dev to Naughty Dog, Sony Bend and Sony Santa Monica

Sony’s unofficial road trip movie continues!

Hideo Kojima Visits Sucker Punch With Mark Cerny

Cerny gets his game signed even.

PS4 Architect Mark Cerny & Hideo Kojima Going on 10-Day Trip to Search “For the Newest Technology”

Mark Cerny joins Twitter!

Top 5 PlayStation Executives

Kutaragi didn’t make it, sorry!

Report: The Last Guardian Being Finished by PS4 Architect Mark Cerny

Hopefully more information will be given at E3.

Mark Cerny Surprised by People Debating About the Future of Consoles

Cerny versus analysts – round 1.

Cerny & House Talk PS4 Future: “Nowhere Near 100% Utilization of What’s in There Right Now”

Negative PlayStation Now feedback, short Project Morpheus experiences, and being profitable already also discussed.

Mark Cerny is Trying to Get Back to Games, “Would Love” to Keep Working With the Knack Brand

First up though, he wants to work on an indie title.

Develop Awards 2014 Winners Include Mark Cerny, Tearaway

SCE Strategic Content wins Publishing Hero award.

Sony’s Mark Cerny & Andrew House Talk PS4, $1 Billion HDD & 8GB RAM Decisions, Unbundling the Camera

“In the early days, we were wondering do we need 2GB or 4GB?”

Mark Cerny Comments on Mixed Knack Reviews, Says PS4’s Best Titles are “Still Well in the Future”

He isn’t too con-cerny-ed.

Mark Cerny Would “Love” to be Creative Director on a Knack Sequel, Depends on First Game’s Success

He wants to leave another mark on the PS4.

Mark Cerny’s Role as Lead Architect on PlayStation Vita Officially Confirmed

There’s no stopping him!

Mark Cerny & Shuhei Yoshida Explain Why Japanese PS4 Launch is After the West

Masayasu Ito makes an appearance as well.

Mark Cerny on PS4 Architecture: I Think “Around 2016 or so” is When We’ll see the True Benefits

So close, yet so far away.

Mark Cerny Talks About How They Built the PS4: “It has What we Think it Needs”

And it has everything we want.

Knack Stars in the Latest Conversations With Creators, Mark Cerny Speaks Japanese for Most of it

Mark Cerny is the most interesting man in the world.

Mark Cerny: PS4 “Will Return to the Freedom and Broad Content That Made PlayStation Unforgettable” in Many Ways

He explains Sony’s definition of what an indie title truly is.

Mark Cerny Asks Daily Reaction: ‘What do You Want to See on the PS4?’

Where do we start?