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marvels spider-man ps4 sales

Spider-Man Has Dethroned Kratos as the Fastest-Selling Sony Title

Sony should kick the guy some extra rent money.

Spider-Man PS4 MJ

Spider-Man PS4: Why MJ Is An Awful Character

She was great for about five minutes.

SpiderMan Suit

Insomniac Tells Us What Makes a Spider-Man Suit Great

Suit up.

Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales

Let’s Discuss Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man

The friendly, neighborhood Miles Morales is in the game, so let’s talk about his role.

Cluster of Spider-Man Cosplayers Set a World Record

I imagined there’d be more…

silver sable spider man ps4

Silver Sable Originally Had a Bigger Role in Marvel’s Spider-Man

She’ll get her time to shine soon, though.

UK video game sales chart

UK Sales Chart: Tomb Raider Is in Spider-Man’s Shadow

Lara needs to try harder.

spider man ps4 sales

Marvel’s Spider-Man Dominates Global Sales Charts

Japan’s reportedly short of physical copies.

spider man ps4 sequel

Insomniac Games Wants to Keep Players Engaged in Its Spider-Man Universe

They stopped short of confirming a sequel.

spider-man pinball tournament

Earn Some Cool Prizes in the Spider-Man Pinball Tournament

I won’t participate, so the rest of you have a chance.

spider-man ps4 miles morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Was Originally Just a Post-Credits Tease

A desire to tell a unique Spider-Man story changed things.

Spider-man PS4 boat people

Have You Seen Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Terrifying Boat People?

One of the behind-the-scenes tricks used by the devs gets revealed.

marvels Spider-man ps4 j jonah jameson alex jones 1

The Worst Part of Spider-Man PS4 Is the Alex Jones Parody That Is J. Jonah Jameson

The potential for nuance with JJJ is lost within his brash parody.

sony spider-man ps4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Wouldn’t Exist Without Sony’s Support Says Creative Director

The stars all aligned for this adventure.

spider-man PS4 music

Composing Peter Parker – The Music of Marvel’s Spider-Man with Composer John Paesano

Learn how he connected players with the human side of Spidey.

Spider-Man Villains

Here’s How Spider-Man’s Villains Were Designed to Challenge Players

The Insomniac team discusses the Sinister Six, sans spoilers.

Spider-Man Game Sales

Japanese Sales Chart: Spidey Swings to the Top

Go Spidey, go!

Marvels spider-man PS4 suits all suits how to unlock ranked 1

All 28 Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 Suits Ranked From Worst to Best

Some great additions from across Spidey’s history.

spider-man new game plus

Marvel’s Spider-Man Will Have a New Game+

Do whatever a spider can, again.

Insomniac Explains Why It Chose Spider-Man Over Other Marvel Characters

What makes Spider-Man so hot?