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Mass Effect 3 Won’t Be a Walk in the Park

Mass Effect 2 showed PlayStation 3 gamers what all the fuss wasRead the full article…

Mass Effect 2 Will Be “Much More Solid” On PlayStation 3, Claims Producer

When BioWare first announced that one of their crowning achievements, Mass EffectRead the full article…

Mass Effect 3 is a “Single-Player Game”: BioWare Responds

Earlier this year, rumors arose that the Mass Effect series would beRead the full article…

Mass Effect 2 Demo Descending Onto PSN

As expected, the excitement surrounding the Mass Effect series is, of course,Read the full article…

Mass Effect 3 Landing on PS3 the Same Time As Other Platforms

PS3 owners won’t have to wait longer for Mass Effect 3…


Mass Effect 3 Officially Unveiled

Although it was accidentally outed last night by the EA retail store,Read the full article…

Mass Effect 3 Spotted on EA’s Own Store

Shortly after the release date of Mass Effect 2 was announced for the PS3 for early next year, a bumble on EA’s own store just announced the latest sequel.

Mass Effect 3 Seemingly Confirmed For the PS3 By SCEE Russia

Mass Effect 2 was confirmed earlier this year by EA and Bioware. It made sense that Mass Effect 3 would be on the PS3, right? Wrong…until now!