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MediEvil PS4

New Rumor Suggests MediEvil Remaster Will Include Sequel

Take this with a grain of salt!

MediEvil PS4

Sir Daniel is Back! MediEvil is Coming to PlayStation 4

He’s back from the dead!

A Look Back at the Best PS1 Commercials (Part Two)

Some epic old commercials

7 PlayStation Franchises That Could Use the Ratchet & Clank Treatment

Retooled, rebooted, and a little less than your RRP.

Rumor: MediEvil PS4 Footage Leaks Out (Update)

Check out the video and screens within.

PlayStation Icons: The Newbies vs. The Old Guard

The generation game.

15 First Party PlayStation Games That Need a New Entry

Rise from your grave!

PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Sir Daniel Fortesque

If only our Dan was dead.