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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Appears on Play Asia, Probably Isn’t Legitimate

It’s a little weird we haven’t heard anything about The Phantom Pain a month after it was revealed.


Metal Gear Solid V/The Phantom Pain Alternate Trailer Released

Let the wave of new theories begin.

Bolid Bake Punches a Whale

Internet Hoaxes and the Hype Train: Metal Phantom Pain Gear Solid Vita Infinity Edition

MGS V confirmed: Bolid Bake rides a unicorn, dancing mini-games, and a secret use for your Rock Band drumset


Bad Gamers 11: Metal Gear Solid V and the Next Generation of Games Unveiled

Guest starring Kojima!… Ok, that was a lie.


The Phantom Pain is Probably Metal Gear Solid V

Oh Kojima you do like your tricks.