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Minecraft Update 1.49 Today on PlayStation Adds Adventure Time, Magic DLC Support

And a free Glide track!


Minecraft PlayStation Editions Getting LittleBigPlanet Mash-Up Pack, Free Skin Pack This Week

Minecon Skin Pack will only be available for a limited time.


Minecraft Update This Week Adds Free Alex Skin, The Simpsons DLC Hits PlayStation on Wednesday

She plays exactly the same way as Steve.


Minecraft Update on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Out Now in Europe, Check Out All the Patch Notes (Update)

North America should get them this week.


Minecraft Update on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Adds New DLC Compatibility (Update)

No release date for North America yet.


Minecraft PS Vita Edition Update 1.02 in Test, Fixes Bugs & Crash (Update)

A graphical issue with the Nether Portal effect has been fixed.


Minecraft Vita Edition Review – Blocky But Good (Vita)

Minecraft. On the Vita.


Minecraft PS Vita Edition Update 1.01 Fixes Bugs & Save Transfer Crash (Update)

Also fixes issues when trying to buy DLC in Ad Hoc mode.


New Gameplay Video Goes Hands-On With Minecraft PS Vita Edition

Upgrade to the PS4 version for $5.


Minecraft PS Vita Edition Digital & Retail Release Dates Announced for North America & Europe

Cross-Buy details confirmed.


Minecraft PS Vita Edition Release Date in Europe Confirmed

North America to be announced.


Minecraft: PS Vita Edition Delivered to Sony for Final Testing

Now we hope it passes.


Minecraft: PS4 Edition Retail Version Hits Stores in October

Minecraft: PS Vita Edition news coming in a few weeks.


Minecraft: PS3 Edition Save Transfer Update Expected Tomorrow, PS4 Update Coming (Update)

Minecraft: PS Vita still doesn’t have a release date.


Minecraft PS Vita Edition “Should be” Released in a Few Weeks

PS3 cross-save capability undetermined.


Minecraft: PS4 Edition Re-Submitted to Sony, Minecraft: PS Vita Edition Still Needs More Work

Minecraft: PS3 Edition will receive an update soon to enable save transfers to PS4/PS Vita.


UK TV Ad Suggests Minecraft: PS Vita Release Date Delayed Until September 2014

4J Studios suggests Minecraft on PS4 and Xbox One might miss August as well.


Minecraft: PS3 Edition Getting a Retail Version in May 2014

Minecraft: PS4 Edition and PS Vita Edition get box arts.


Minecraft: PS3 Edition Patch 1.05 Detailed, is in Sony Testing Right Now

More details on the PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita versions shared.