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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 Releases on November 24, Check out the New Trailer

Those who purchased the disc also get Episode 3 on November 24.


Charting the Second Coming of Hollywood’s Video Game Movie Adaptations

Assassin’s Creed! Splinter Cell! The Last of Us! More!


Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2: Assembly Required Launches This Week

Check out the trailer and description if you don’t mind spoilers.


Minecraft Update 1.21 Today on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Adds Halloween & Star Wars Prequel Pack Support

Get more than 50 skins in the Star Wars Pack.


Minecraft Halloween Mash-Up to Be Released on Friday

Lots of skins!

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1: The Order of the Stone Review — A Blocky Beginning (PS4)

Minecraft fans of all ages will enjoy.


Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer Readies You for The Order of the Stone

The World’s Largest Let’s Play will be held on October 12 in Hollywood.


Minecraft Update 1.20 Today on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Adds Doctor Who Skin Pack, Fixes Frame-Rate Issues

Out in Europe, coming later today to North America.


Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 Debuts October 13 Digitally, Retail Version Arrives Late October

PS Vita version officially confirmed by Telltale. We just don’t know when it’s coming.


Amazon Says Minecraft: Story Mode Physical Version Hits This October & Includes Digital Versions of Later Episodes

Now we wait for Telltale’s confirmation.

Markus Persson

Minecraft Creator Says “Biggest Effort” Went Into Taking Care of Employees During Sale of Mojang

But he claims they all hate him now.


Minecraft: Story Mode Lets You Choose Jesse’s Appearance and Gender, First Episode Launches Soon

Coming to PS4, PS3, and many other platforms.


Minecraft Update Today on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Adds Star Wars DLC Support and Fixes Bugs

Already out in Europe, with North America getting it later today.


Japanese Sales Chart: Minecraft PS Vita Edition Passes 300,000 Lifetime

There isn’t a single PS4 game in the top 20.


Mojang: There’s Been “No Discussions” About Minecraft 2

No conversation about it at all…even within Microsoft.


Minecraft Update 1.18 out Today on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita, Here’s All the Patch Notes

Out now in Europe and Japan.


Minecraft Getting Dual Wielding, Enchanted Arrows, and More

Makeover for The End!


Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer Released, Cast Includes The Last of Us and Arkham Knight Voice Actors

Will be a standalone product.


Minecraft Update 1.17 on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Goes Live Today, Here’s the Full List of Patch Notes

Adds new in-game options, fixes issues, and more.


Minecraft PlayStation Editions Getting LittleBigPlanet Mash-Up Pack, Free Skin Pack This Week

Minecon Skin Pack will only be available for a limited time.