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Minecraft: PS3 Edition Save Transfer Update Expected Tomorrow, PS4 Update Coming

Minecraft: PS Vita still doesn’t have a release date.

Markus Persson

Notch Leaving Mojang, Says Sale Was for His “Sanity” and Not for Money

That amount of money might be able to buy anyone’s sanity, amirite?


Microsoft Announces Mojang Acquisition for $2.5 Billion

Moneycraft a better title for it, then?


Report: Microsoft to Announce Mojang Acquisition Tomorrow, Wants to Boost Mobile Sector

It’s apparently about mobile gaming.


Sony: PS Vita Isn’t Fading Away, Minecraft is Its “Biggest” 2014 Release

Vita sales are seeing year-on-year growth.

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Minecraft PS4 Edition Review – Better With a Couch (PS4)

Mine stuff, craft stuff. On a couch even, with friends!


Report: Microsoft Near Deal to Acquire Minecraft Developer Mojang, Notch “Unlikely” to Stay if Deal Pushes Through

Notch approached Microsoft months ago, the report states.


Minecraft PS4 Edition Release Date is Today in North America, Already Out in Europe (Update 6)

PSN issues are being reported as a result of its release.


Minecraft PS Vita Edition “Should be” Released in a Few Weeks

PS3 cross-save capability undetermined.


Minecraft: PS4 Edition is “Almost There,” Release Date Announcement Expected Soon (Update 3)

Xbox One owners get Minecraft this Friday.


Minecraft: PS4 Edition Re-Submitted to Sony, Minecraft: PS Vita Edition Still Needs More Work

Minecraft: PS3 Edition will receive an update soon to enable save transfers to PS4/PS Vita.


Minecraft: PS4 Edition Fails Sony Testing, Must be Re-Submitted

I’d say an August 2014 release is next to impossible at this point.


gamescom 2014: Sony Releases Minecraft PS Vita Trailer, No Release Date Given

Looks great on the little screen, too.

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Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition Handed Over to Sony for Final Testing

Get your pickaxes ready.


UK TV Ad Suggests Minecraft: PS Vita Release Date Delayed Until September 2014

4J Studios suggests Minecraft on PS4 and Xbox One might miss August as well.

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Early Access Games: The Good, Bad & Ugly

The term ‘early access’ needs a definition.


Minecraft PS3/360 Sales Surpass PC/Mac, Game Closes in on 54 Million Across all Platforms

The number’s only going to grow come August.


Minecraft PS4 Gameplay Trailer Shows Co-Op, God of War’s Kratos

I can’t get the music out of my head!


Minecraft’s PS Vita & PS4 Release Dates Revealed; Upgrades & Cross Save Detailed

PS3 and PS Vita versions include Cross Buy.


Minecraft: PS3 Edition Patch 1.06 Releases on May 28th

It’s the PS3′s equivalent to Title Update 16.