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Moss VR

How Animation in Moss Created an Emotional VR Experience

VR skeptics take note.

Moss giveaway physical release ps4 pro

Moss Giveaway – Win One of Four (4) Physical Copies

Get yourself a physical disc copy of PSVR’s Moss.

Moss Physical Release

PSVR’s Moss Getting a Physical Release, Available This Summer

Add the box to your shelf next month.

Moss animation Rick Lico Interview 5

Animating Intent and Connecting With Players: Interview With Moss Animation Director Rick Lico

Lico talks difficulties and benefits of animating in VR and where he thinks animation in games is headed.

Moss playstation store rating

Moss Has a Perfect Rating on the PlayStation Store, Sits at the Top of the PSVR Charts

With over 550 ratings, Moss has a perfect five stars.

Stephen Hodde Moss interview

Literally Putting Their Hearts into the Game – Interview With Moss Audio Director Stephen Hodde

We talk VR audio design and literally recording their own hearts for in-game sound effects.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Claims Top Spot in March Downloads

My people, we have won!

Moss Composer Jason Graves

Collaboration With Polyarc and Emotional Bonding With a Mouse: Interview With Moss Composer Jason Graves

He talks about what drew him to the project and how he worked with the team.

Polyarc’s Moss Has a Secret Photo Mode, Here’s How to Enable It and Use PSVR as a Camera

Lean into a frozen diorama for the perfect screenshot.

Moss Review – Little Hero, Big Adventure (PSVR)

Form a strong bond with an anthropomorphic mouse.

Moss trophies

PS4, PSVR & PS Vita New Releases This Week: February 27, 2018 – Gravel Moss

Several big VR releases.

Moss trophies

Moss Trophies Include a Platinum, View the Full List

The PSVR game is out next week!

Moss trophies

Moss Will Release on PlayStation VR Next Week

Get ready to help Quill.

Moss trophies

Check Out Some New Gameplay Footage From Moss

New footage, unseen creatures, and more.

Moss trophies

The PSVR Demo Disc 2 Includes Moss and is Available Now on the PlayStation Store

11 other games, too!

Raiden V ps4 review

Raiden V: Director’s Cut Review – Blast Away (PS4)

Does this shooter soar above the competition?

Moss trophies

Adorable PSVR Title Moss Gets Release Date & Preorder Bonuses

It’s available for preorder now.

caladrius blaze ps4

Limited Run Releasing Caladrius Blaze’s Physical Edition in the West This Week

MOSS-developed shoot ’em up.

Raiden V Director's Cut Trailer

Japanese Raiden V Director’s Cut Trailer Published

New features are added, including co-op.