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Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Nintendo of America President Says Wii U is a Better Value Than PS4, Xbox One

Is it, though?


Former Nintendo Indie Boss Working on Upcoming PS4, PS Vita Platformer Axiom Verge

Platformers for the win.


PS4 Nets Most gamescom 2014 Coverage, Event Catching Up to E3 in Terms of PR Impact

PS4 is the most covered platform for both E3 and gamescom this year!

Batman Arkham Knight

The Video Game Collective: Ep 1 – Batman Gets Old and Rambo Hugs

Free hugs.


Gara: Nintendo’s Decline “Could be Detrimental to the Market”

The prophecy is coming true!

Summon Night 5 for PSP

PSP-Exclusive Tops JP Software Charts, Handhelds Still Rule Japan



Daily Reaction: Is Gamer Still an Insult?

Nerdy is the new sexy.


Daily Reaction: Will Nintendo’s Wii U be a Success?

Wii’ll see.


PS3 Sales Ahead of 360’s for the Year, Analysts Predict Shifts Incoming

This generation of video game consoles has seen numerous monumental shifts soRead the full article…