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Tech Enthusiast Repairs Nintendo PlayStation Prototype and Gets It to Work

Watch how Ben Heck got it working again!

Now Loading PSOne Mini

Now Loading…Should Sony Release a PSOne Mini?

Yes, we know Nintendo did it first.


Report: Nintendo Planning to Release an SNES Mini This Year

The SNES returns!


Ghost Recon Narrowly Beats Horizon Zero Dawn to Become March’s Best-Selling Game in UK

Check out the top 5 for the month.

Nintendo Switch vs PS Vita Launch Day Lineups Featured

Versus – Nintendo Switch Launch Titles vs. PS Vita’s

You remember the Vita’s?


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Currently the Highest-Rated Game Since 2008

Sony congratulates Nintendo on the reviews and Switch launch.


PS4 to Get Price Drop at Several EU Retailers During Switch Launch

Nice timing.

Top 5 Reasons Why PlayStation Games Might Want The Nintendo Switch Featured

Top 5 Reasons Why PlayStation Gamers Might Want a Nintendo Switch

Yep, there are those buying it.


Now Loading…Have You Pre-Ordered a Nintendo Switch?

It’s almost here!

switch vs vita featured

Versus – Nintendo Switch Reveal vs. PS Vita Reveal

Remember: we’re just comparing each one’s reveals!

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Now Loading…What Do You Think of the Nintendo Switch?

Conflicting opinions inbound!

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Nintendo Switch Price, Release Date and Other Details Officially Revealed

Every important info for the PS4’s latest competition!


Reports Claim Nintendo Switch is Less Powerful Than Standard PS4

Apparently, Nintendo is in a rush to release Switch.


Nintendo: Wii U Production Ending in Japan, Shipments Finished in North America

Lifetime sales are less than GameCube and Nintendo 64.


Nintendo Switch Price & Release Date Will Be Announced on January 12

No further details coming before then.


Nintendo Debuts Nintendo Switch, See How Their New Gaming Console Works

The console/handheld hybrid will launch in March 2017; Skyrim is coming.


Now Loading…Nintendo NX to Use Cartridges, What Do You Think About It?

Remember blowing into it to make it work?


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 21 – Is Chandler Wood Selling His PS4 for PokeCoins?

Plus, an E3 2016 bathroom story that will give you goosebumps!

Nintendo stock falls

As Nintendo Stock Drops, Sony Market Value Pulls Back in the Lead

Well, that was fleeting.

Pokemon Go Nintendo

Thanks to Pokemon Go, Nintendo Is Worth More Than Sony

It’s not Pokemon Go-ing anywhere.