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The 10 Most Memorable Games by System, According to Famitsu Readers

Time for list wars!


Now Loading…What We Think of That Allegedly Leaked Nintendo NX Controller Design

In case you’re not keeping tabs on video game news not relatedRead the full article…


YIIK: An Inspired, Working-Class, Postmodern RPG

Dev joins the podcast to talk Earthbound, development, and the upcoming YIIK: A Postmodern RPG.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Report: Beyond Good & Evil 2 to Be Nintendo NX Exclusive

Nintendo’s apparently funding it.

ps4 vs xbox one

Nintendo Says Worldwide 3DS Sales Are Bigger Than PS4 & Xbox One Combined

“Most people find this shocking.”

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Game Consoles Among Best-Selling and Highest-Earning Products on Black Friday

PS4 was the highest-earning product for Best Buy.


Cloud in Smash, 3DS JRPG Localizations, and Female Link(le) – Best Video Game Podcast #11

It’s Nintendo INdirect.


PS4 Lead Over Xbox One Continues to Grow, Latest Quarterly Financial Reports Show

Will the tortoise catch the hare?


Microsoft Acquires Game Physics Developer Havok, Will Continue to License Technology

Provided digital effects to Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls and more.


Indie Devs Benefit More From Simultaneous Releases Than Exclusivity Deals, Says Nintendo

Nintendo isn’t “throwing cash around.”


The Industry: Issue #13 – Wii U the Innovation of This Generation

Dream big.


The Wii U’s Gamepad Was the Only Thing to Offer Innovation “This Console Cycle,” Says Nintendo

“It is the only real innovation in this console cycle”

ps4 China Xbox One

China to Lift Nationwide Console Ban, Sony Welcomes Decision

New rules apply to both foreign and domestic companies.


Grooving Defeated Retail Warriors – PlayStation JapanStyle June/July 2015

Japan’s E3 reactions, summer of music games, and the overwhelming urge to start a war.

Iwata Mii

Daily Reaction: Remembering Our Giants – The Loss of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata

A true loss.


Goodbye, Satoru Iwata (Podcast)

A mini-episode of the podcast.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Has Died

Only 55 years old.

Sony PlayStation SNES

Shuhei Yoshida Comments on Nintendo PlayStation Console

Yoshida wouldn’t confirm if it’s the real deal.

Sony PlayStation SNES

Super Rare Sony PlayStation SNES Found, Video Uploaded Online


DR Nintendo Big Three

Daily Reaction: Has Nintendo Stepped Down From the Big Three?

Table for two?