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Hidden Dragon Legend Review

Hidden Dragon Legend Review – Ancient Traditions (PS4)

Your carnage may vary.

Light Tracer Review – Blinded by the Light (PSVR)

Requires two move controllers to play.

hidden dragon legend release

Hidden Dragon Legend Fights Its Way to the PlayStation 4 Today

Hack and slash your way through Imperial China.

Light Tracer Release

PSVR Puzzle Platformer Light Tracer Releasing Later This Month

Guide a princess through a twisting tower to save her people.

Hidden Dragon Legend Preview — Kung Fu Fighting (PS4)

Should it be on your radar?

monkey king hero is back

Monkey King: Hero Is Back the Game is Heading West

Oasis is bringing us a game based off a popular Chinese movie.

Chinese 2.5D Platformer Hidden Dragon Legend Coming to PS4

Set to release in August

DYING: Reborn VR Review – Cut Content (PSVR)

Not a review for the standard 2D PS4 game.

Weeping Doll Review – Haunting Proposition (PSVR)

Just when you thought it was safe to open the toybox…

Ace Banana Review – Funky Bunch (PSVR)

Hawkeye’s favorite VR game has finally arrived!

Pixel Gear Review – Shooting Range (PSVR)

Frankenstein is mine.

Pixel Gear Hands-On Preview – Fire Away (PSVR)

Make things go BOOM!

Ace Banana Hands-On Preview – A Bushel of Fun (PSVR)

It is high time that George gets a little less curious…

Weeping Doll Hands-On Preview – Bump in the Night (PSVR)

Dolls. Why did it have to be dolls?!

Dotoyou KOI Interview – Chinese Gaming, Development, and Goals

Just keep swimming

Spoiler Alert – KOI Ending & Final Mission

Blub, blub, blub.

KOI in 60 Seconds

Ward off the coming darkness!

KOI Review – Just Keep Swimming (PS4)

Swim, save some little fish, and somehow save the world.

KOI Coming to PS4 on April 19 in North America

No plans for a Vita version right now.