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Outcast: Second Contact Review

Outcast: Second Contact Review – Relic of the Past (PS4)

What was old is new again… kinda.

outcast second contact trailer

Exclusive: Learn the Basics in a Brand New Outcast: Second Contact Trailer

Take a look at some of the weapons.

outcast second contact trailer

Outcast: Second Contact’s Hero Trailer Is Explosive

Our hero is none too please about this circumstances.

Outcast Second Contact Gameplay

Outcast: Second Contact Gameplay Shows Adelpha’s New Look

Take a look at the remake.

E3 2017 – Outcast Second Contact Preview – Other Worlds (PS4)

The remake of the 1999 cult classic.

Outcast: Second Contact Hits PS4, Xbox One & PC in March 2017

First screenshots revealed for the remake of the 1999 PC adventure game.