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Paladins update 1.41 patch notes

Read the Paladins Update 1.41 Patch Notes

Learn more about the new champion!

paladins player count

Paladins hits 15 million players as the Premier League Sets Up to Begin

That’s a lot of players.

Paladins Premier League Will Stream Exclusively on Facebook

They’re also helping the community come together via Facebook Groups.

Paladins Premier League

Paladins Premier League Announces Partnership with WESA

The partnership with WESA will provide some benefits.

Paladins Amassed “Well Over” 2 Million Console Players in the Last Two Weeks

Roadmap for the next few months revealed.

Paladins Champion Lex and Full Lawbringer Skin Collection Giveaway – 10,000 Keys Free for All (Update)

Code can be used on Xbox One and PC, too!

Paladins Open Beta Is Live on PS4 & Xbox One

The free-to-play team-based shooter has over 8.5 million players on PC.

The Paladins PS4 Closed Beta Starts Today

Here comes a new challenger!

Paladins Closed PS4 Beta Key Giveaway!

Go get one now!

Paladins Season 1 Starts This Year, Console Beta Coming Soon

The first season is starting, but the game is staying in beta.

Hi-Rez Expo 2017

SMITE Players Can Get Rewards by Watching Hi-Rez Expo 2017 on Twitch

Get an exclusive skin for Janus.

Paladins PS4 & Xbox One Closed Beta Starts Soon, Sign Ups Live

The hero-based shooter will still be free-to-play on console.

Free-To-Play Shooter Paladins Coming to PC And “Current Generation Consoles” in 2016

Comes from Hi-Rez Studios, the developers of Smite.