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Cross play podcast episode 2 god of war playstation 5 radical heights

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #2: CliffyB, Don’t Turn on the Red Light

Let’s talk God of War reviews and PlayStation 5.

Weekly Rewind

Weekly Rewind: God of War, BioShock, New PS5 Report, & More

Week of leaks.

playstation 5

Report: PlayStation 5 Unlikely to Surface Until At Least 2019

How long do you think it will be?

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind: PS5 Details Leaked, Spider-Man PS4 Release Date, Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Did you miss anything this week?

PlayStation 5 Specs and details leaked

Report: PlayStation 5 Details Allegedly Leak Out Locked Behind $1000 Subscription Site

Dev kits have reportedly already been sent to third-party developers.

PlayStation 5 Could Move Towards a Lot More ‘Procedural Content’

It’s referring to procedural generation of skies, objects, textures, and other systems.

ps5 release date

NPD Analyst Believes PS5 Release Date is in 2020

He also talks about when the PS4 will hit the 100 million milestone.

ps4 vs switch sales

Is the Future of Video Game Consoles in Portability?

Should Sony and Microsoft explore the ability to take their consoles on the go?


Analyst Predicts That the PlayStation 5 Release Date Will Be 2021

When do you think it will launch?

PS5 release date

Michael Pachter Thinks the PS5 Will Release in 2019, Will Play PS4 Games

It’s coming sooner rather than later.

PS4 Pro Games

PlayStation US Boss Says Sony Won’t Follow Path of Smartphones, PlayStation 5 Will Exist

Shawn Layden says it’ll “probably be some time” until the PlayStation 5 happens.

Now Loading…When Will PS5 Be Officially Announced and Released?

Is it time to go next-gen already?

Analyst Expects Sony’s Next-Gen Console to Release in Late 2018

Also, check out a PS4 vs PS2 shipments comparison.

Cerny: We Don’t Believe That Console Generations Are Going Away

“They are truly healthy for the industry.”

Sony Says “There Will be More PlayStations”

But Sony isn’t thinking about releasing another PS4 “for a really substantial period of time.”

Ubisoft CEO Expects One More Console Generation “Before We Go to Streaming”

Ubisoft knows streaming will take some time to be popular.

Now Loading…Will There Be a PS5?

U R Not Red E.