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PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Jak and Daxter

We’re Jakking this site.

PS3 Review – PlayStation Move Heroes

These heroes aren’t saving anyone’s day.


PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of March 21, 2011

The PlayStation 3 is in a “Crysis” and it is your “Dynasty”Read the full article…

Movement and Defense Coming Soon to PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus content is going to be updated soon, bringing shooter fans a new beta, along with a couple free games and some discounts of course.

Ratchet, Jak, Sly, and More Plan to Move to the UK in Two Weeks

Sony certainly has high hopes for PlayStation Move Heroes; its contents mayRead the full article…

Nihilistic Software Shows How the PlayStation Move is Utilized

It’s hard not to be impressed with the PlayStation Move, but haveRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Heroes Uncovers a Comical Story Trailer

If you’re a PlayStation Move owner, but haven’t found any particular reasonRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Heroes Gets Some Special Bundle Treatment

It’s been a few months since Move came out, and while softwareRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Heroes Will Define Motion in March

PlayStation Move owners have been treated to some technological feats such asRead the full article…


PlayStation Move Heroes Moving This March?

According to Japanese magazine Famitsu, PlayStation Move Heroes will be releasing this March in Japan under the name Gachinko Heroes.

PlayStation Move Heroes Looks Fun in These New Screenshots

If you’re looking for some more fun ways to enjoy your PlayStationRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Heroes Crowned New Title for Sony’s Project

Judging by a recent move by Sony, although Heroes on the MoveRead the full article…