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Sony Playing ‘Catch-Up’ to Fill Move Demand

Since the PlayStation Move launched in September, the PS3’s motion controller has fared pretty well in the market. But according to Sony, it would be doing even better if they could meet the growing demands.

PlayStation Move Momentum Gains for the Holidays

Although the big news this past week was Microsoft’s Kinect for theRead the full article…

PS3 Review – The Shoot

We give our “take” on The Shoot…

PlayStation Move is Selling “Extremely Well” in North America

Sony’s newfangled motion device is off to a promising start according toRead the full article…

1.5 Million PlayStation Move Controllers Set In European Motion

In just under one month, Sony’s PlayStation Move controller has already madeRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Off to a Good Start

The PlayStation Move, Sony’s entry to the motion controller market could mean big money for the company as it potentially opens up the PlayStation to a whole new audience, but with the hugely popular Wii already having an established fan base, and Microsoft gearing up to market Kinect like an entirely new console launch, can the Move prove successful? According to an analyst, things are looking bright

THQ Working on A Big Budget Move/Kinect Title

The PlayStation Move has been out for a few weeks now, toRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Gun Attachments Revealed

We’ve already seen a PlayStation Move gun attachment. And now, CTA Digital’sRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Ready to Deploy Firearms

The accessories are going to be coming for the PlayStation Move and according to Amazon, one of those will bring PS3 owners even closer to the action in their favorite First Person Shooters. This Battle Rifle attachment for the Move will run gamers $30 and for those looking to be more discrete; a Move Precision Shot 3 for $25.

Toys R Us Delivering PS3 Deals-A-Plenty This Week

If you’re a PS3 gamer and are looking to save a fewRead the full article…

Poll: Did You Buy the PlayStation Move? What Did You Buy With it?

This past Friday, September 17, the PlayStation Move officially made its debutRead the full article…

Demos Galore in This Week’s PlayStation Store Update

Who doesn’t love game demos? Am I right? We do, and weRead the full article…

PlayStation Move – Launch Center

Everything you need to know about the PlayStation Move, all in one place. You’re welcome!

PS3 Review – Kung Fu Rider

Kung Fu Rider is the first effort using the PlayStation Move fromRead the full article…

PS3 Review – EyePet Move Edition

The premise of EyePet is pure genius. Everyone loves pets, they’re cute,Read the full article…

No Move Support for Flower Anytime Soon

While thatgamecompany’s PSN hits flOw and flower have been some of the best examples of motion control on the PlayStation 3, you shouldn’t be holding out for any retrofitting of their games for Sony’s “official” motion controller.

PlayStation Move Not Required for Dead Space: Extraction

When Dead Space: Extraction was revealed at E3 to be included with the Limited Edition Dead Space 2 everyone knew that it would focus on Move support. Apparently, that’s only one of two control schemes.

Fall to Pieces Over the Tumble Trophy List

Of all the PlayStation Move games we have played here at PlayStation LifeStyle, Tumble seems to rise above the rest. While it was the last game Anthony, Editor-in-Chief here at PSLS, gave impressions for during his recent PlayStation Move Demo feature, it impressed him more than any other than on the disc. Yep…a puzzle game about stacking blocks. How about that? And believe me, Anthony knows his stuff, so why not check out the Trophy List for Tumble before it releases later this week.

Hustle Kings Update Move-ing in This Week

The PlayStation Network serves as a host to a number of definitiveRead the full article…

Cross Game Chat – Episode 4: PlayStation Move Special

Catch Episode 4 of Cross Game Chat