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Double Fine’s Broken Age Comes to PS4, PS Vita on April 28

Includes cross-buy and cross-save.


Microsoft Has “No Problem” With Indies Releasing on Rival Platforms First If Developers Lack Resources

Microsoft wants something fresh for Xbox One players.


PS4 Firmware Update 2.50 Reportedly Includes Full DualShock 4 Button Remapping Option

Screenshots included!


Sony’s GDC 2015 Games Lineup Includes Bloodborne and The Order: 1886

Devs from Latin America coming over.


Next PS4 Firmware Update is “Not Too Far Out,” Says Sony

Right around the corner, maybe?


20th Anniversary PS4 Bundle Announced, Only 12,300 Will be Available Worldwide

Make sure you watch the keynote at PlayStation Experience this Saturday.


PlayStation 20th Anniversary Video Showcases a Ton of Games From PlayStation’s History

Check out how these classics wowed us years ago.

far cry 4 yak farm

Far Cry 4 Has Gone Gold, Custom Audio Mode for PlayStation Headset Coming Soon

Last-minute pre-order bonuses announced.

ps4 live viewer

PS4 Live Events Viewer App Hits Consoles This Week, Watch UFC 177 On August 30

Straight to your living room!


Andrew House: Sony Viewed the Original PlayStation Negatively, Considered it a Toy

Grand Theft Auto helped to change the image.


Watch the Full PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference Right Here

Watch the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End video reveal all over again.


Xbox Boss and Former SCEA CEO Hugs Each Other Before E3 2014 Starts

Xbox and PlayStation guys hugging each other and no fighting. What is the world coming to?


Sony E3 2014 Live-Stream and Booth Games Lineup Announced

Megatons incoming? We sure hope so.


Breaking up Sony: What One Investor’s Plan Would Mean for PlayStation

A crash course in PlayStation economics

Slim baby

Japanese PS3 Slim Commercial Kicks It Old School

Looks like ghosts of the past are back to influence Sony’s Japanese marketing division.

Playstation All Stars Featured cast

PlayStation Battle Royale Features All-Star Original Voice Cast – Listen To Them Here!

It’s nice to hear your opponents voice before you meet your demise; check out all of All-Stars vocally vicious taunts here.


The History of PlayStation Ads: PSOne

The beginning of it all.


PlayStation Sending Out Free Gifts & Thank You Cards

Your happy holiday is about to get even more merry. PlayStation isRead the full article…


PS3 Doing Some Mad VooDoo This Weekend

Halloween is this coming weekend. With it comes the VooDoo Experience, a festival in New Orleans. PlayStation will be present there as well.


Are You Ready For A Totally Portable Gaming Era?

Are you familiar with that saying “It’s so crazy that it just might work!?” Sure, we hear lots of crazy ideas that are spouted through the rumor mills and some from notable figures from the game industry. One far-fetched idea has been spoken before and we all scoffed at the idea simply because it was, well, crazy. Remember when Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima shared his belief that console gaming will come to an end? We jeered at it. EA founder Trip Hawkins, voiced the same idea, and the proud console owners (including myself) thumbed our noses at him. However, lately I’ve been giving it more thought and perhaps, they are actually on to something. This idea of a console-less gaming future is so crazy that it just might work! In fact, it could be huge.