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2K PlayStation Humble Bundle

PSA: The 2K PlayStation Humble Bundle Has Two Days Left

Time is running out.

2K PlayStation Humble Bundle

2K PlayStation Humble Bundle Lets You Get PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Games for as Little as $1

But the code only works in North/Latin America.

PlayStation’s YouTube Channel Apparently Uploaded the Anthem Gameplay Trailer With Photoshopped L1/R1 (Update)

Trailer is identical to the Xbox One X one.

ps4 vs switch sales

Nintendo Switch Reaches 1M Sales in Japan, Faster Than PS4 and PS Vita

Nintendo continues to dominate the region.

E3 2017 – Microsoft and Ubisoft Top YouTube and Twitch Views

AC Origins lifts Ubisoft.

Re-Watch the Ubisoft & PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conferences Right Here

Plus: see the PlayStation LiveCast schedule.

Sony Working on Breaking Bad PSVR Project and It’s Not a Game

Details have yet to be revealed.

Sony Will Have the Largest Booth Space at E3 2017

Get hyped!

PlayStation 3 Production Ends in Japan

‘Twas good while it lasted.

the last of us remastered update

The Witcher Dev “Wouldn’t Mind” Working on Naughty Dog Games Like The Last of Us

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has invested a lot of time into the Souls series.

Warner Bros. Announces Injustice 2 Championship Series Presented By PlayStation

$600,000 prize pool.

Analyst Expects Sony’s Next-Gen Console to Release in Late 2018

Also, check out a PS4 vs PS2 shipments comparison.

Sony’s Profits May Reach Highest Point Since 1998, According to Analysts

Like the days of yore…

PSVR Price

Kaz Hirai Talks PSVR’s Advantage Over Competitors, Says Sony Wants to Take VR Beyond Games

Sony is involved in non-gaming VR aspects, too.

NPD Analyst Says Project Scorpio Can Help “Push Xbox One Sales Ahead of PS4” in US This Year

But “attractive content” has to show up along with it.

Study: Millennials Think PlayStation Is the Coolest Gaming Brand, Gen Z Thinks It’s Xbox

Reading is almost as cool as video games.

New PS Store US Promotion Gives You $10 Back for Spending $60 or More via Paypal

Check your emails.

Xbox Founder Praises Horizon Zero Dawn, Says Shuhei Yoshida “Is the Man”

It took “balls” to stick by the game.

PlayStation’s Romance App is One of Our Favorite April Fools’ Day Joke

Find your soulmate through Playr app.