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Arkane Talks The Future of Dishonored, Alleged Email Suggests Arkane is Working on Prey 2

They “might be interested by multiplayer.”


Bethesda Confirms Prey 2 Isn’t Being Developed at Arkane, Game “Just Wasn’t Where it Needed to be”

Still being made at Human Head it seems.


The Catch-Up: May 31st, 2013 – Final Fantasy X HD Screenshots, Krieg Short Film, Prey 2 in Development at Arkane?

Yes, Prey 2 is apparently still alive.


Human Head Reassures Fans Prey 2 has not Been Canned, “Only in Limbo”

There’s still hope!


Pete Hines: Latest Prey 2 Cancellation Rumor Not True

But it’s still probably canceled.


Bethesda Pulls Prey Sequel From Website, Says Don’t be Worried

This is hardly reassuring.

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QuakeCon Hunted by Prey 2 Screenshots

publisher Bethesda has released fourteen new screenshots for the first-person shooter.