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PlayStation Meeting – Watch the PS4 Neo Reveal Livestream Now!

Let’s watch the awesomeness together!

Now Loading…What Do You Think Will PS4 Neo’s Official Name Be?

Hive mind!

Report: Amazon Spain Listed a PS4 for Release on October 13, Priced at €399.99 (Update)

That’s €50 more expensive than the current PS4.

Epic Games CEO “Thrilled” About PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio, Says It’s the Best of Both Worlds

Epic is in agreement with EA and Ubisoft.

Final Fantasy XV Director Says His Team Isn’t Involved With PS4 Neo/Xbox Scorpio Yet

He only just found out about the Scorpio.

PS4 Neo Releasing in 2016, Say Digital Foundry Sources

Do you believe in magic?

Sony Hopes PS4 Neo Can Keep Gamers From Going Back to High-End PCs

Andrew House was surprised by Microsoft’s Project Scorpio announcement timing.

Sony: Standard PS4 Will Be Able to Play “All of the Games” Releasing This Generation

“The critical thing is to give the consumer options, rather than dictate the future for them.”

Games on PS4 Neo Will Have a Higher Resolution & Enhanced Graphical Experience, Sony Says

“But everything else is going to be exactly as you’d expect.”

PS4 Neo: Andrew House Explains Why It Isn’t at E3 2016, Says Games Will “Play an Awful Lot Prettier”

It isn’t replacing the existing PS4.

House: Games Developed for PS4 Neo Require a “Small But Manageable” Amount of Extra Work

It’ll be profitable from day one.

GameStop Expects E3 2016 to Focus on New Console Announcements, Key 2016 Games

GameStop has sold four million PS4s in the US alone.

PlayStation VR Reportedly Wasn’t Suited to Launch PS4s

Performance was apparently a problem.

Dev Talks PS4 Neo, Says They Aren’t Sure If Teams Will Want to Deliver 4K Gaming

“From what I see, no developer in the world is yet to get the best out of PS4.”

The Clickbait Podcast Episode 16 – DICE Is Trolling, But They’re Not Wrong

We wouldn’t have this problem if we just got rid of the Internet.

Rocket League Studio on PS4K: No Different Than Having Another Console to Develop For

It’s more of a question of whether you can support another platform according to the studio.

Gran Turismo Sport & The Last Guardian Are Still Releasing in 2016, According to Sony VP

He also responds to rumors of a new PS4 model.

Now Loading…Will There Be a PS5?

U R Not Red E.

Report: Horizon Zero Dawn Delayed to 2017

And apparently, it’ll be releasing for the PS4K, too.