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PS5 release date

Michael Pachter Revises PS5 Release Date Claim, Expects It in 2020

When will we see a PS4 Pro successor?

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Is it time to go next-gen already?

Analyst Expects Sony’s Next-Gen Console to Release in Late 2018

Also, check out a PS4 vs PS2 shipments comparison.

Cerny: We Don’t Believe That Console Generations Are Going Away

“They are truly healthy for the industry.”

Sony Says “There Will be More PlayStations”

But Sony isn’t thinking about releasing another PS4 “for a really substantial period of time.”

Ubisoft CEO Expects One More Console Generation “Before We Go to Streaming”

Ubisoft knows streaming will take some time to be popular.

AMD “Design Wins” Suggest New Console Hardware Set for Release in 2016

Coincides with reports of Sony’s PS4.5.

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U R Not Red E.

Shuhei Yoshida Not Sure Whether There Will Be a PlayStation 5

Yoshida mentioned this in February of 2015…

PS5 Will Be About “Far More Interactive Worlds,” Says Three Fields CTO

“So what does a PS5 game look like?”

EA CFO Expects 51 Million PS4 & Xbox Ones Sold by End of 2015, Wonders What the Next Console Will Be

He thinks Google or Apple might want to go after gaming.

Sony on PlayStation 5: “Very Soon, We’ll Start Thinking About What We’ll do Next”

To the future!