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Trophies on PSP? We Don’t Think So

When trophies were introduced on the PS3 back in July of 2008,Read the full article…

PSP Successor Rumored to have been Shown to Publishers

The PSP2 has been a long time coming, with speculation on thisRead the full article…

Ghost of Sparta Arrives This November With Loads of Pre-Order Content

God of War: Ghost of Sparta, the PSP-exclusive inter-quel to the award-winning God of War franchise, will be hitting store shelves as well as the PSN Store just in time for the holiday season.

Do DMCA Exceptions Legalize PSP Homebrew?

The Library of Congress recently announced some exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that governs usage of copyrighted electronic material. While the language in these exceptions are specific to “wireless telephone handsets”, these methods of circumvention are similar in spirit to the way PSP Custom Firmware (CFW) works.

Next PlayStation Firmware Update Tells You What to Buy

The official PlayStation Blog just announced that a new firmware update will be coming to the PS3 and PSP by the end of July. What will it do? Read your mind. Sort of.

Great Clips, EA & PlayStation Team up for the Ultimate Gaming Makeover

Getting a hair cut just isn’t what it used to be, andRead the full article…

Peace Walker Could Sneak its Way Onto PS3

Hideo Kojima has made it clear many time that, although it is on the PSP, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is officially the next Metal Gear Game after Guns of the Patriots. It seems that Kojima himself however, wouldn’t mind if the game was ported up to a home console.

Godly First Gameplay Footage of Ghost of Sparta

Kratos returned during E3 this year, putting all the rain speculation toRead the full article…

Square Enix + Monster Hunter = Lord of Arcana

What happens when a genre in gets incredibly popular? Every developer tries to get their own corner on the market. What started with Capcom’s Monster Hunter has spawned into Namco Bandai’s God Eater, Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors: Strike, and even Square Enix with their just announced game: Lord of Arcana.

Take Your White Knights With You

Get ready for more epic adventures on the go, White Knight Chronicles is coming to the PlayStation Portable.

Scott Rohde: No 3D For Future PSP

If you’ve missed out on all the Sony announcements at E3, hereRead the full article…

Sony: Ghost of Sparta is PSP’s ‘Best-Looking’ Game

God of War I and II pushed the PlayStation 2 to the max, and on the PS3, God of War III raised the bar in every aspect of gaming, with top-notch presentation, insane levels of detail, and brutal gameplay. And now, it appears that the next God of War installment for the PSP is aiming to achieve the same result for Sony’s portable.

PSP Gets A Promotion; Job Well Done Sony

The US PlayStation Blog gave some great news today. Current, as well as future owners of PSPs should listen up!

Dear Sony: How to Get Your Go Back

Can Sony save it’s latest PSP? Or is it going, going…gone?

Sky Player Landing On PS3 and Wii

Sky Player was announced and launched exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2009Read the full article…

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Revealed for the PSP

Learn about Kratos’ dark past in the upcoming PSP game, God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Sony Announces PlayStation Protection Plan

The PlayStation Protection Plan, just announced by SCEA, offers PS3 and PSPRead the full article…

Sony Patents A New Way to Control the PSP

A recent SCEA patent has been revealed that allows for a newRead the full article…

Square Enix Lends their Talent to MGS: Peace Walker

Well-renowned RPG developer Square Enix has a tried and true history ofRead the full article…

Hideo Kojima: Console Gaming is not the Future

Hideo Kojima is a very well respected name in the industry. His libraryRead the full article…