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Rocket League Dev Views Not Having Cross-Network Play “As a Competitive Disadvantage”

Psyonix is in contact with PlayStation every single day.


Rocket League Now at Over 30 Million Players



Rocket League Update 1.26 Temporarily Removes Rocket Lab Arenas From Casual Rotation

Wasteland and Neo Tokyo won’t appear as frequently.


Rocket League Update Today Adds Rumble Mode, Micro-Transactions, Player-to-Player Trading

You’ll also find new arenas and more.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 22 – Would Console Cross-Play End the Fanboy Wars?

Rocket League. 1v1. Shuhei vs. Spencer. Who do you have money on?


Rocket League Update Adds Trade-In System and New Rare Items Later This Month

Über-popular soccer-racer now boasts 16 million players.


Rocket League to Add Dying Light Content This Month

Free on all platforms!


Rocket League Season 3 to Kick Off Late Next Month, Says Psyonix

Update expected to drop late next month.


Rocket League Adding Post-Game Highlights This June

Stat titles will be added, too!

Rocket League 555x328

Psyonix: Rocket League Cross-Platform Play “Not That Difficult” to Establish

Studio had the feature up and running “very, very quickly.”

Rocket League 555x328

Rocket League Now at Over 15 Million Players

That’s a lot of balls kicked…

Rocket League Studio on PS4K: No Different Than Having Another Console to Develop For

It’s more of a question of whether you can support another platform according to the studio.


Rocket League Passes 14 Million Players

That’s a lot of balls kicked…


Rocket League Update for April Previewed



Rocket League Championship Series Announced

Partnered with Twitch!


Rocket League Headed to Retail, Most Downloaded PS+ Game of All Time (Update)

Update: Quick update on Rocket League’s sales numbers. It seems it hasRead the full article…


Rocket League Season 2 Update Splits Champion Level, Tweaks Matchmaking

No timeframe for release as of yet.


Psyonix May Increase Rocket League Player Count in the Future

“Maybe one day we’ll revisit it if we ever decide to go with bigger stadiums.”


Rocket League, MLB 15 The Show Recognized in AbleGamers’ Accessibility Awards

Psyonix wants to expand accessibility options in Rocket League moving forward.


Psyonix: Rank Changes Coming With Rocket League Season 2, Update Due to Land in February

Season 1 draws to a close in February.