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The Order: 1886 Still Looked Pretty Good Back in 2012

Lookin’ good!

The Order: 1886 is $39.99 on Amazon, PS Vita Gets 15% Discount

PS Vita is now $169.99

The Order: 1886 is $20 Off at Best Buy, Donate Blood in Denmark to Get Bloodborne

Blood for blood.

Watch How Ready at Dawn Created Victorian London for The Order: 1886

Used real world techniques from photography and cinematography.

The Order: 1886 Claims Number One Spot in Australia

Evolve down.

Everything Wrong With The Order: 1886

You have complaints? We have complaints, too!

Gamer Academy – The Order: 1886 Trophy Guide

Help Sir Galahad get ’em all.

The Order: 1886 Most Brutal Moments Captured on Video, Sackboy Easter Egg Revealed

Faces smashed, arms broken , and mangled throats…and Sackboy!

Watch The Order: 1886’s First Combat Scenario and First Lycan Battle

Taking down the mad bedlamites, and see the game’s first half breed fight!

The Order: 1886 Launch Trailer Rewrites the Past

Get the game tomorrow.

The Order: 1886 Day One Patch Notes Listed, Key Fixes Include “Impacted Save Data”

“As of now, 1.01 is the only patch we have scheduled for The Order: 1886.”

The Order: 1886 Review – Interactive 19th Century Cinema (PS4)

Immersion is the key.

The Order: 1886 Ending Includes a Mid Credits Scene

Don’t miss it.

Ready at Dawn CEO: Games Coming Out in the Future Will Look “So Much Better” Than The Order: 1886

He’s excited about this generation and how things are going to look better and play better.

The Order: 1886 Pre-Load Now Live on PlayStation Store, Day One Update Available for Download

Don’t worry, it’s a small update.

The Order: 1886 Director Says There’s an “Uncanny Haterade” Towards the Game

The Technology Director speed ran through the last build of the game and “wasn’t even close to” 5.5 hours.

The Order: 1886 – Everything You Need to Know

Get yourself in order.

Meet the Cast of The Order: 1886 in Latest Developer Diary

Get a look at the mo-cap process.

The Order: 1886 Takes Roughly 8-10 Hours to Complete on Normal, According to Ready at Dawn Internal Tests

Playing on hard pushes it to 12 hours or more.

The Order: 1886 Game Director Thinks People “Are Going to be Surprised by How Solid the Game Performs”

He doesn’t think he’s seen another cover system that’s “quite as fluid or robust as ours, and also looks as amazing.”