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strange brigade gameplay

Take a Look at How Co-Op Works in Strange Brigade

Take down enemies as a team.

Strange Brigade E3 2018 Teaser Trailer Arrives

Let the shootouts begin.

strange brigade release date

Strange Brigade Release Date Officially Announced Alongside Collector’s Edition

Multiple editions available for preorder now.

Sniper Elite 4 Deathstorm Part 3 Release Date Announced, Lots of New Stuff Inbound

A lot of stuff is coming!

Evil Genius 2 Announced for PC, Other Platforms Will Be Considered

Let’s hope it comes to consoles.

E3 2017 – Strange Brigade Preview – Mummy Dearest (PS4)

Action! Adventure! Excitement! Old-timey serial simulation!

E3 2017 – Rogue Trooper Redux Preview – Blue Badass (PS4)

These guys were blue before the movie Avatar made it cool.

Rebellion Unveils Co-Op Third-Person Shooter “Strange Brigade”

Out of nowhere!

Sniper Elite 4 Game Giveaway!


Rogue Trooper Redux Trailer Introduces the Rogue Trooper

Who exactly is the Rogue Trooper?

Sniper Elite 4 DLC “Deathstorm Part 2” and Big Free Update Out Now

Get the Urban Assault Expansion Pack as well.

Sniper Elite 4 DLC Details Announced


Sniper Elite 4 Review – Empty Lung Kills (PS4)

You can kill however you like.

Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass Is $35, Includes All 12 Post-Launch DLC Packs

Expect a new three-chapter campaign, new missions, new characters, and more.

Sniper Elite 4’s PS4 Pro Features Include Enhanced Frame-Rate, Faster Loading Times

Plus: increased draw distances.

Rebellion Talks Sniper Elite 4 – Criticisms, Headshots & Improvements

Testicles are mentioned…and yes, we’re serious.

Sniper Elite 4 101 Trailer Showcases the Game’s Features

Over six minutes of action.

Sniper Elite 4 Multiplayer Maps and Modes Post Launch Will Be Free

Definitely good news.

Sniper Elite 4 Trophy List Revealed, Features 51 Trophies

You can shoot Hitler again.