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EA Rep Reportedly “Bribed” Reddit Mods to Remove Certain Star Wars Battlefront Posts (Update)

It had been going on for a while, apparently.


Tomb Raider Q&A Talks the Definitive Edition, Lara on PS4/Xbox One, Improved Multiplayer, Voice Commands, & More

Learn about the next-gen version.


The Walking Dead Season 2 Won’t be on PS4/Xbox One at Launch, “Telltale Will be on the New Consoles”

Season 2: Episode 1 is “very close to submitting,” Season 2 will be released at retail after the season concludes.


Ken Levine AMA Talks BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea DLC & Release Date, The Future, PS4/Xbox One, Elizabeth Porn, Weapon Wheel Returning, Much More

Burial at Sea Episode One is entering submission this week!


Keiji Inafune on Soul Sacrifice: “It’s Done Pretty Well” and “Is One of the Best-Selling Games” for PlayStation Vita

Lots of people chose to sacrifice their money.


Ken Levine’s Reddit IAmA Answers a lot of Interesting BioShock Questions

He talks about Kickstarter, XCOM, and whether or not he expects to see an Infinite sequel.