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Spyro treasure trilogy

Spyro Treasure Trilogy ‘Leaker’ Admits He Was Trolling, Made it All Up

He’s on overeager fan who got carried away.

battlefront 2 microtransactions

In Less Than 24 Hours, EA Managed To Have the Most Downvoted Reddit Comment of All Time

It has surpassed 381,000 downvotes.

Geoff Keighley Responds to “Dorito Pope” Nickname

Memes can sting.

EA Rep Reportedly “Bribed” Reddit Mods to Remove Certain Star Wars Battlefront Posts (Update)

It had been going on for a while, apparently.

Tomb Raider Q&A Talks the Definitive Edition, Lara on PS4/Xbox One, Improved Multiplayer, Voice Commands, & More

Learn about the next-gen version.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Won’t be on PS4/Xbox One at Launch, “Telltale Will be on the New Consoles”

Season 2: Episode 1 is “very close to submitting,” Season 2 will be released at retail after the season concludes.

Ken Levine AMA Talks BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea DLC & Release Date, The Future, PS4/Xbox One, Elizabeth Porn, Weapon Wheel Returning, Much More

Burial at Sea Episode One is entering submission this week!

Keiji Inafune on Soul Sacrifice: “It’s Done Pretty Well” and “Is One of the Best-Selling Games” for PlayStation Vita

Lots of people chose to sacrifice their money.

Ken Levine’s Reddit IAmA Answers a lot of Interesting BioShock Questions

He talks about Kickstarter, XCOM, and whether or not he expects to see an Infinite sequel.